You say tomato, I say tomahto, why can’t we just get along. As Interbrew and AmBev attempt to iron out a “significant”, “substantial” transaction, what is A-B doing?

A merger would create the world’s largest brewer. But A-B might have something to say about that.

Lawsuits, March predictions, rumors, executive changes, and we lose another great beerman.

Contact: Phillip H. WaytExecutive DirectorWashington Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association360-352-5252″Big Box” Retailer Sues Washington State to Eliminate Vital Alcohol Distribution LawsCostco Puts Profits Ahead of Common SenseThe following is a statement by Phil Wayt Executive Director of the Washington Beer & Wine Wholesalers AssociationOlympia, Washington (February 25, 2004) – Costco’s lawsuit against the state of … Continue reading “WBWWA Press Release”

Slimming down on carbs and SKUs? Hardly. Look for many more flavors and packages coming to a loading dock near you. Plus, Wayt responds to Costco suit, and Cali strike may be nearing an end.

Shipments flat, STRs up a bit, and weak dollar are the big items for Heineken’s US business. Plus, Constellation offers bleaker outlook.

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Costco takes on 3-tier in Washington. We take a look at the brief complaint, and the possible ramifications to national 3-tier.

The other shoe has dropped. Costco sues Washington, claiming antitrust. Here are the details.

There’s a new Dutch importer in town. Carlsberg will take back its brands from Barton and LUSA to form a new importing company. Plus, an explosion at Coors Golden brewery, Diageo news, and is S&N ripe for takeover?

A-B pres Pat Stokes told investors last week how A-B will continue to grow, fight spirits, get Bud Light back on track, low carb news, distributor exclusivity, and more. Here are the highlights.

Miller severs relationship with Allied and Jack Daniels, keeping Skyy.

More on what Jim told the analysts yesterday about the future of imports, light beers, distributors, and more. Plus, Miller is quietly testing the fridge pack.

It was a good finish to a lousy year for imports. Here are the details.

How is liquor gaining share against beer? In a fascinating conference call last week, a Discus exec goes over their successes.