Dear Client: After yesterday’s coverage of trends at Buffalo Wild Wings, several Truth Squadders inquired specifically about seltzer trends at the top draft retailer.  You may be shocked to learn that Buffalo Wild Wings beverage innovation manager Jason Murphy characterizes seltzer sales as “OK” at their chain of 1,200 units, but nothing like the phenomenon … Continue reading “BWW Trying to Get Stronger in Beyond Beer”

Dear Client: Summer beer trends were good at the largest on-premise beer retailer, Buffalo Wild Wings, beverage innovation manager Jason Murphy exclusively told BBD (Jason is also speaking at our Beer Summit in January). As of a few weeks ago, he said, they were seeing 3% growth for beer sales year-to-date, which is surprising given … Continue reading “Largest On-Premise Account Having A Good Beer Year”

Dear Client: After Anheuser-Busch’s U.S. division’s brass castigated their distributors on stage for sharing news from their distributor meeting in St. Louis with BBD, (and a Texas A-B distributor called our sources and me “dickheads” from the stage, and apparently urged them to “just sell out!”), we continued to get a few tidbits from the … Continue reading “Lots of New Products Coming from Big Red, “Pissed” About our Reporting”

Dear Client: While we weren’t invited to A-B’s equity manager distributor meeting for the first time in 15 years this year, it turns out it didn’t matter, as we have sources everywhere.  A-B is doing what the largest market share leader does best: pulls all the levers, all the levers in the world.  This year … Continue reading “Bud Light Seltzer, Bud Nitro, Lemonade, More to Come from A-B”

Dear Client: Preliminary Labor Day results are in, thanks to Nielsen and IRI, and beer has posted it strongest performance in years.  Yes, beer is back, baby! No doubt driven by seltzers, it looks like FMBs comprised about 12.5% dollar share of total beer the one-week period to 9/1, including Labor Day weekend (but not … Continue reading “Beer is Back, Baby!”

Dear Client: Natural Light Seltzer is apparently making waves.  That’s a bad — but fitting — pun: just yesterday, we reported the brand’s weekend pr stunt, whereby Trevor Wallace, the guy behind the White Claw viral video, landed a Natural Light Seltzer-branded helicopter atop a yacht docked at the Catalina Wine Mixer festival [see BBD … Continue reading “A-B: Natty Seltzer Already Outpacing Truly on Rate of Sale in 26 Markets”

Dear Client: A-B continues to disrupt the hard seltzer market, this time by “crashing” the Step Brothers-inspired Catalina Wine Mixer with a giant yacht and a helicopter, which delivered no other than comedian Trevor Wallace, who you may remember was behind the White Claw viral video.  One of Natty Light Seltzer’s flavors is Catalina Lime … Continue reading “Natty Seltzer Pulls a Sprint, Snags Trevor Wallace”

Dear Client: It seems like every other year since 2008, A-B’s U.S. division does a shakeup, in the hopes that it will “disrupt” (their favorite word) market share losses.  So far, the strategy has not proved fruitful to growing or even maintaining organic sales nor share, although it has cut costs in some instances.   For … Continue reading “A-B Finally Gets it Right With September Shakeup”

Dear Client: It’s difficult to express how fast and furious hard seltzers in general and White Claw in particular have exploded over the course of the last year and a half, so let me employ our resident econo-dog Blue to walk us through the numbers, courtesy of IRI, (all channel scans off-premise. All numbers are … Continue reading “Shortages Haven’t Stopped White Claw’s Share Growth”

Dear Client: MillerCoors has secured (at least, temporarily) a victory in its lawsuit for deceptive advertising against Anheuser-Busch, who launched a Bud Light campaign earlier this year pegging its competitor as using corn syrup in Miller Lite and Coors Light (where Bud Light does not). A federal judge just issued a preliminary injunction barring Anheuser-Busch … Continue reading “Prelim Injunction Bars A-B from “No Corn Syrup” Package Messaging”

Dear Client: Cider is now a half-billion dollar category in the US.   Of course, cider is not growing at the breakneck speed of seltzer, slated to reach like $2 billion this year, and up something like triple digits.  No: After having grown last year on the back of the rose cider trend, cider is now … Continue reading “Craft Cider Can Flip the Category to Positive, says Eastciders Chief”

Dear Client: Many of our younger readers weren’t around in the 1990s, when the beer industry was taken by storm by a brand called Molson Ice, which was a bit higher in alcohol and brewed with, uh, “ice”.  The brewing details don’t matter, just know it slayed. Then came another foreign Japanese beer with “Dry” … Continue reading “Are Hard Seltzers the Ice Beers of our Time?”

 Editor’s Note:  For today’s issue, we reached deep into our archives exactly eight years ago to pull the September 1, 2011 of BBD, entitled:  “Crown Seeks to Double Share”.  Welp, turns out they did it.  Constellation sold around 12 million barrels in 2011, and will sell about 23 million barrels this year, and are a … Continue reading “Flashback to 2011: Constellation Aims to Double Share, (And They Did)”

Dear Client: In response to our report yesterday on the hard seltzer wars, and how Natty Light Seltzer is curiously selling at very premium prices, we received a ton of feedback from both wholesalers and major retailers backing up our theory that they’re not as eager to drop price on a very profitable and high … Continue reading “Retailers, Wholesalers Pushing Back on Natty Light Seltzer Pricing”

Dear Client: If you needed another data point to realize that hard seltzer has hit the big time, here it is:  A-B’s Bon & Viv will be the official hard seltzer sponsor of the NFL.   The way it was “leaked” however was a bit controversial as several news outlets pointed out that A-B paid ESPN … Continue reading “The Hard Seltzer Wars Have Truly Begun”