Dear Client: This just in:  big U.S. spirits company Sazerac Co. — which owns and produces such brands as Buffalo Trace, Southern Comfort, Sazerac, and Fireball — announced it will be switching out of spirits distributor RNDC in Colorado and Washington State in favor of two beer distributors, red house Eagle Rock and gold-blue Columbia, … Continue reading “Sazerac Switching to Beer Distribs in Two States”

Dear Client: Molson Coors’ latest blog post pitches retailers on harnessing the interaction between premium lights and hard seltzers (at least, it alleges). The post asserts an “opportunity” for retailers, stating that outlets can bring customers “in for premium lights or hard seltzer and send ‘em away with a case of both.” This post is … Continue reading “Premium Lights and Seltzers Work Together at Retail, Says Molson Coors”

Dear Client: Yesterday, we reported how beer managed a positive month over July in the off-premise, per IRI scans. Now, Nielsen scans for the month are in, and the numbers there are even stronger. Indeed, while beer pulled out a little under 2% growth in dollars in IRI, it snagged 4.4% growth over the month … Continue reading “Beer Crushes in Convenience over July, Up 7.6%”

Dear Client: The hoppy water space, as with NA beer, has been buzzy.  Certainly, wholesalers have taken note of such functional, non-alc beverages, the “largest” of which tend to have high margins and growth profiles. But on the segment’s small base, Jim Koch might call such brands “the largest pygmies.”  Dave Williams of BWC Co. … Continue reading “Why Constellation is Investing in the Hop Water Space”

Dear Client: Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (nicknamed AMLO) surprised everybody in the beer world by declaring Monday that beer production should halt in drought-stricken northern Mexico. The comments were made during his daily press conference.  He qualified by saying “this is not to say we won’t produce any more beer; it’s to say … Continue reading “Mexico’s President: “We Won’t Produce Beer in the North – That’s Over””

Dear Client: Last week, Monster announced a new 6% ABV FMB, The Beast Unleashed, which co-CEO Rodney Sacks said would be “distinguishable” from the competitive sea of seltzers. But many questions remain unanswered, like who will distribute it, who will make it, and will it actually say Monster on the label?  Luckily, BBD’s infamous nefarious … Continue reading “Grokking Monster’s New Beast”

Dear Client: Well, the days of wondering if or when Monster would flex its brand equity in the bev alc space are over.  In the company’s Q2 earnings report Thursday, Monster co-CEO Rodney Sacks revealed an imminent new bev alc product to hit in late Q4.  It’s called The Beast Unleashed. And it’s Monster’s first … Continue reading “Monster’s FMB Play: 6% ABV “The Beast Unleashed””

Dear Client: In the past couple of months, we’ve mulled the impact of historic inflation on the beer industry. But perhaps not enough for the on-premise channel, specifically.  So we asked one of the biggest draft accounts in the country, Buffalo Wild Wings, the big questions: Are premium lights getting a boost on-premise? Are the … Continue reading “Is there Trade Down On-Premise?”

Dear Client: What had been assumed was confirmed on Molson Coors earnings call yesterday. The #2 U.S. beer supplier will join the top brewer in taking a second price increase this year. Recall Anheuser-Busch laid out plans to do so back in May, forecasting upward of a 5% hike in late October.  And Molson Coors … Continue reading “Another Price Hike Coming Down the Pike from Molson Coors”

Dear Client: Molson Coors has been snagging some growth in scans as of late, up 1.2% in dollars and up 0.21 points of dollar share over the last 12 weeks per IRI MULC scans. But did that translate to growth in its Q2 results? Not exactly.  SHIPMENTS DOWN 8.2%. In its second quarter earnings release … Continue reading “Molson Coors U.S. Depletions Down 1.7% on “Softer Industry Performance””

Dear Client: This morning, PepsiCo and Celsius announced a “definitive agreement” for a “long-term strategic distribution arrangement” and investment, worth $550 million.  Effective immediately, “the distribution agreement initially transitions Celsius’ current U.S. distribution to PepsiCo’s best-in-class capabilities,” with “certain exceptions.”  It’s a hit to the A-B network, which, as BBD outlined earlier this summer, currently … Continue reading “Celsius Strikes Distribution Deal with PepsiCo”

Dear Client: It’s happening again — this time, with fast-growing non-alc brand, Athletic Brewing Co., who is terminating a slew of California wholesalers for near-statewide distribution with Reyes.  Several wholesalers confirmed the move to BBD late last week.  Sources say Athletic is deflecting to Reyes for streamlined administration, better freight costs, and a statewide solution.  … Continue reading “Athletic Terminations Rattle Distributors”

Dear Client: Usually there’s not too much U.S. color on Anheuser-Busch InBev earnings calls. But yesterday, many analysts probed on inflationary trends, pricing, and lower-priced brand performance for its U.S. business.  (Recall, the company reported Q2 shipments down 2.7% and depletions down 3.4%, which slightly underperformed the industry. But revenue was up 2.7%, and revs … Continue reading “No Evidence of Trade Down in U.S., Says ABI Chief”

Dear Client: Anheuser-Busch InBev turned in another set of strong results in its second quarter earnings this morning, as the company reported double-digit revenue growth (+11.3%), volume gains (+3.4%), revenue per hl growth of 7.5% and an EBITDA increase of 7.2%. IN THE U.S., A-B also reported another quarter of revenue growth (+2.7%) with revenue … Continue reading “A-B Depletions Underperform the Industry in Q2; Mich Ultra and Spirits RTDs are Bright Spots”

Dear Client: Molson Coors is feasting on dollar share in the food channel. The company gobbled up a whole 1.5 points worth of share in the channel during the latest four weeks of IRI scans to July 10, raising its leading YTD gain in food to +0.76 points. Much of the massive haul during the … Continue reading “Motley Crew of MC Brands Gaining Share in Food”