Dear Client: It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from the folks at Chicago-based Phusion Projects, makers of Four Loko and Mamitas tequila seltzer, among other concepts. Phusion is undoubtedly one of the OG disrupters in the bev-alc space with the introduction of Four Loko, which from 2005 to 2012 was a roaring success until it … Continue reading “Phusion Launching New Barstool FMB:  Pirate Water”

And other insights from A-B’s High End Brass.  Dear Client: Leading the “high end” of the beer business has moved to Anheuser-Busch’s second commercial priority (taking the place of seltzer from the prior year), the company revealed at its Chicago EAM meeting in October.  Now that the meeting is almost two months in the rearview, … Continue reading ““Above Core” Offerings Now Make Up 51% of U.S. Beer Volumes”

Dear Client: Bump Williams Consulting released the results of its annual “3-Tier Growth Strategies Survey” yesterday, giving us a look at how all three tiers plan to grow over the next couple years. The survey works just like it sounds: Each year BWC asks hundreds of suppliers, distributors and retailers alike one “simple question:” “What … Continue reading “BWC Survey Reveals the Roadmap for Growth from All Three Tiers”

Dear Client: A near 20-week streak of dollar growth in IRI multi-outlet and convenience scans has come to an end for the beer category.  The category saw dollars decline 0.5% in the latest weekly cut from IRI to November 20, marking its first down week in dollars since the lead up week to July 4. … Continue reading “Beer Posts its First Down Week in IRI Scans Since July 4”

Dear Client: That didn’t take long. While there was conjecture that AB InBev would use the last minute cancelling of beer sales in the stadiums at the World Cup as a bargaining chip for the next tournament in 2026 (watch this clip), AB InBev is reportedly already seeking a $47.4 million deduction from FIFA for … Continue reading “Report:  ABI to Renegotiate 2026 World Cup”

Dear Client: Following a price hike by A-B and Molson Coors last month, as well as the fact that we’re in the midst of primetime selling season for wine & spirits; one would not expect there to be a lot of beer deals in weekly grocery ads for Thanksgiving.  But they are indeed out there, … Continue reading “A Look at Turkey Day Circulars”

Dear Client: “Hoppy refresher is our big bet in 2023.” That’s what Lagunitas sales chief Tony Amaral told BBD on our recent trip up the coast of California to visit the top craft brewer’s sprawling brewery in Petaluma. Yes, you read that right. Lagunitas, which is gearing up to celebrate its 30th anniversary after building … Continue reading “Lagunitas’ Biggest Bet Next Year is Hoppy Water”

What a disaster. While FIFA and Qatar had 12 years to plan how they were going to deal with the sensitive subject of beer sales at the World Cup — the most-watched event in the world — in an ultra-conservative Arabian monarchy, they waited until 48 hours before the games started to announce changes in … Continue reading “Well, This is Awkward”

Dear Client: Two of Molson Coors’ emerging growth opportunities are soon coming to an end, as the company’s blog reported yesterday that MC will conclude its distribution agreement with coffee roaster La Colombe, and unwind its Truss USA JV with Hexo to exit the CBD beverage business. The distribution agreement with La Colombe, which has … Continue reading “Molson Coors Closing Two Lanes in Emerging Growth: La Colombe and Truss USA”

Dear Client: Brian Feiro, chief customer officer and incoming president of sales at Molson Coors (taking over from the retiring Kevin Doyle), extolled the growth of beer sales in chains when he took the stage at the Beer Marketer’s Insights conference this week. And he says it’s likely to continue.  “We’ve seen massive growth on … Continue reading “Molson Coors New Sales Chief: Focus on the Core”

Dear Client: Despite the widely accepted idea that we’re either in or entering a recession — we’re certainly steeped in rampant inflation — beer seems to have stayed true to the idea that it is recession-resistant. That theme is showing up in the data, and it was also on display at the Beer Marketer’s Insights show … Continue reading “Bullish on Beer”

Dear Client: We’re starting to see some tallies on Sazerac’s malt-based biz in the off-premise, and it’s bigger and growing faster than you’d expect. The biz has exploded this year, up 161.2% in dollars YTD and up 139.2% in volume, per IRI multi-outlet and convenience data thru October 30.   TOP 25 VENDOR IN IRI BEER … Continue reading “Sazerac Soaring in Beer Scans”

Dear Client: Friday night we were privy to the Loma Vista Tequila Soda launch party in Austin, the last in a handful of markets that the launch team hit last week.  Recall, the brand is Boston’s first tequila-based RTD. It’s starting life as a regional play, per Boston’s new-ish learn, iterate and scale (or not) … Continue reading “An Early Look at Boston’s New Loma Vida Tequila Soda”

Dear Client:  This week, sports hydration brand, Canopy’s BioSteel, announced the purchase of Flow Alkaline Spring Water’s Verona, Virginia production facility.   The deal “enables vertical integration in support of BioSteel’s rapid growth strategy,” the company said. BioSteel paid $19.5 million for the assets, via $13.2 million in cash and $6.3 million for debt repayment and … Continue reading “BioSteel Buying Flow Alkaline Water’s Virginia Plant for $19.5 Million”

Dear Client:  Constellation’s plans to transfer its brands from Olympic Eagle to Columbia Distributing in Washington State this week have hit a temporary snag. Recall Constellation intended to terminate its relationship with Olympic Eagle and have Columbia take over the brands in the territory, starting Wednesday, November 9.  But the supplier’s slated transfer has been … Continue reading “Constellation’s Move from Olympic Eagle Put on Pause as Court Grants TRO”