Dear Client: One of the themes that came out of our conference in January is that beer will return to 2019-level or above discounting levels, and it appears to be happening.  Remember that when price gaps get out of whack — not only within and among beer categories but compared with wine and spirits — … Continue reading “Beer Getting Promotional”

At SAMCOM last week, High End chief Andy Thomas said he aims to double share of their High End business. But how? “A NEW DAY” FOR STELLA, WHICH GETS BIGGEST SPEND IN HALF DECADE. Let’s start with Stella, the “crown jewel” of their High End strategy, and the first part of their three-prong High End … Continue reading “It’s “A New Day” for Stella, with Investment to Match”

Dear Client: Bud Light’s long-awaited return to a major campaign is upon us.  The brand previewed its new approach during the NFL playoffs with “The Bud Light Carry” spot, featuring a woman carrying five pints of Bud Light through a crowded bar (to the tune of the Notorious B.I.G.’s classic, “Hypnotize”).  But its imminent, 60-second … Continue reading “Miles Teller and Fam Kick Off Bud Light’s New Voice at Super Bowl”

Dear Client: We’ve already brought you the high-level scoop on Anheuser-Busch’s Super Bowl plans [see BBD 01-11-2023]. And after last week’s SAMCOM meeting coverage, readers also know the sky-high hopes that A-B brass has for Mich Ultra, which the company thinks can get to 10 share by 2025 [see BBD 01-27-2023] — particularly by closing … Continue reading “Inside Mich Ultra’s “Boldest, Most Ambitious” Super Bowl Plan Yet”

Dear Client: One of SAMCOM’s recurring themes last week was a focus on Hispanic consumers.   And for good reason: We heard this stat no less than three times (and possibly more) over the course of the 1.5-day show: By 2030, 50% of all new LDAs entering the category will be Hispanic (1/3 of them, Mexican). … Continue reading “Hispanic Drinkers are A-B’s Largest Growth Opportunity “

Dear Client: Anheuser-Busch is riding Busch Light’s hot hand with a dedicated Super Bowl spot. The humorous commercial (it seemed to be a fan favorite at SAMCOM) features the rugged Busch Guy  — and ’90s breakout musician Sarah McLachlan.  The clever spots play on the brand’s outdoorsy nature via those infamous ASPCA “save the animals” … Continue reading “What do Sarah McLachlan, the Busch Guy, and a Wolf Have in Common?”

Dear Client: Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth took the stage early on at SAMCOM’s opening day this week in Anaheim (their first in-person since 2020) with one theme: Accelerate.  Even when things are growing, Brendan said, “I refuse to be satisfied.” For example, by all accounts, Michelob Ultra had a great 2022. Brand VP Ricardo Marques … Continue reading ““Acceleration,” and Other Themes from SAMCOM”

Dear Client: A 45-year Tri-State area Sapporo distributor claims in a lawsuit the supplier has threatened to terminate the parties’ decades-long relationship, citing the distributor’s poor post-Covid performance as a pretextual reason for pulling the contract.  Wine of Japan Import Inc. (WOJ) and its import affiliate, Sanwa Trading Co. Inc., distribute “Sapporo products in the … Continue reading “Longtime Sapporo Distrib Sues Supplier Over Termination Notice”

Dear Client: The founders of “party punch” in a box – BeatBox Beverages – took the stage at our Beer Summit earlier this month to talk ‘23 plans for the company following an uber-successful ‘22.  Let’s dig in.  DOUBLING THEIR BUSINESS. In 2022, BeatBox “more than doubled,” co-founder Justin Fenchel said, to over $40 million … Continue reading “BeatBox on Building the Brand to 100K Bbls”

Dear Client: In a recent conversation regarding the flimsy supplier agreements non-alc purveyors are thrusting upon beer distributors, he indicated that wholesalers needed to take a page from the playbook of labor unions and hold the line collectively and not give in to contracts that heavily favor the supplier. Wholesalers we’ve spoken with all agree … Continue reading “A Beast of a Contract”

Pricing hits the Deuce ceiling, but tougher comps will bring it back down. Dear Client: David Williams of Bump Williams Consulting represented our industry on the Today Show to talk about, what else? Beer pricing.  Beer was late to the price increase game, but when we did, we came in hot, and consumers along with … Continue reading “Pricing Breaks the Sound Barrier”

Dear Client: “We’ve been on an interesting innovation journey at Constellation,” Mallika Monteiro, EVP and Chief Growth, Strategy, and Digital Officer at Constellation Brands told our Beer Industry Summit last week.  “About five or six years ago we weren’t doing much innovation in beer overall. We were doing what I would call ‘copycat’ innovation in … Continue reading “Mallika Monteiro on Constellation’s “Innovation Ecosystem””

Dear Client: Though Anheuser-Busch is no longer the Big Game’s exclusive bev alc advertiser – indeed, Heineken, Molson Coors and even big spirits players Diageo and Remy Cointreau are also debuting ads this year  – the giant brewer says it will still lead the category with total time of Super Bowl “in-game creative,” at 3 … Continue reading “A-B will Feature New Creative for Bud Light, Mich Ultra and Busch Light in Super Bowl; Bud will get Regional and Digital Spots “

Dear Client: We now know of at least three beer companies running a national ad on the stage of all stages next month, the Super Bowl.  There’s Anheuser-Busch, of course; Molson Coors (as detailed yesterday); and now, Heineken. For Heineken, it will mark the company’s first-ever national Super Bowl spot, and they’ll use the ad … Continue reading “Heineken 0.0 and Superhero Team Up for Super Bowl Spot”

Dear Client: Today, readers of The New York Times will see Molson Coors’ first big activation ahead of the company’s first big Super Bowl ad in more than 30 years.  It’s a mock article. And here’s the clever twist: Each of their two giant light brands is claiming the Super Bowl ad belongs to them … Continue reading “Molson Coors’ Light Brands Duke it Out in The Times for Coveted Super Bowl Spot”