Dear Client: We are now more than halfway through the year, so it’s time to go through our predictions made in January and see — so far — how well we did.  Let’s take a look. -PREDICTION: January is going to be an abysmal month for beer. Consumers will do their best to lay off … Continue reading “Check-Up on Predictions: How Are We Doing?”

Dear Client: Almost exactly two years ago, we reported that Buffalo Wild Wings planned to test beer delivery and takeout, where legal [see BBD 07-28-2017]. That development came amid abysmal second quarter 2017 results, were net earnings had decreased by double digits amid historically high wing costs.  The beer to go solution was appealing to … Continue reading “BWW Cracking Beer To Go Code”

Dear Client: From Pure Gold last year to Infusions this year, Michelob Ultra has been on a line extension run. And the run ain’t done. Up next is a familiar, but different line extension for the brand: Michelob Ultra Amber Max. As you may know, the brand already has a Michelob Ultra Amber in the … Continue reading “The Newest Mich Ultra Line Extension”

Dear Client: Well, it’s official Modelo Especial is now the second biggest brand by dollars in scanned convenience stores. The brand, which sat at the number four spot in c-store dollars a month ago, leapfrogged Budweiser and Coors Light in the latest IRI scans to June 16 to take the second spot.  Now, the only brand in … Continue reading “Modelo Now Number Two Brand in Convenience”

Dear Client: A distributor told me a few weeks ago that she thinks White Claw seltzer could be the next Miller Lite. Well, at least mid-way through summer, it’s showing a few signs of breaking through, despite much lower distribution and brand awareness than the big beer brands.   Here’s a data point:  At online bev-alc … Continue reading “White Claw Breaks Through on Independence Day”

Dear Client: With yesterday’s announcement that Reyes’ Harbor Distributing is acquiring Northern California’s 28 million case blue-silver-gold DBI Distributing, Tommy Reyes’ job just got a whole lot bigger, as Reyes’ territory in the state now covers huge swaths of area.   Price tag:  Sources say north of $550 million, or nearly $20 bucks a case.  Compare … Continue reading “The Californication of Reyes”

Dear Client: We’ve been hearing rumors of Reyes striking another deal in California for a while now, and today those rumors materialized. Reyes’ Harbor Distributing has cut a deal to acquire “substantially all of the assets of DBI Beverage Inc.’s beverage distribution business in Northern California.”   With the acquisition, Harbor will add on 28 million … Continue reading “Reyes’ Harbor Acquiring DBI’s Northern California Business”

Dear Client: As we reported on Friday, Boston Beer Co. completed its merger with Dogfish Head on July 3, which is also Boston’s 35th Anniversary, which founder Jim Koch called “dumb luck.”   It was also very fast for a deal of that size. “I think everybody involved, especially the lawyers, were pleasantly surprised about the … Continue reading “Boston and Dogfish Head Complete Merger: Here’s the Latest”

Dear Client: If you are active on social media, then you no doubt know that the so-called Keto diet — a diet heavy on protein and lean on carbs — is all the craze at the moment, and it’s yet another reason for Millennials and Gen Z to shun alcohol in general and beer in … Continue reading “The Keto Diet Craze: Is it 2004 All Over Again?”

Dear Client:  Canadian cannabis company Canopy Growth delivered some shocking news this morning, saying its co-CEO and board member, Bruce Linton, is stepping down, effective immediately. “The Board decided today, and I agreed, my turn is over,” Bruce said in the announcement.  Bruce, who has been the face of Canopy Growth, confirmed in an interview … Continue reading “Bruce Linton Out as Canopy Co-CEO”

Dear Client:  There’s no denying it. Beer’s pricing relative to spirits is an issue. We reminded you of this before Memorial Day [see BBD 05-24-2019]. And after performing another spot-check of supermarket ads before The Fourth of July, things look to be no different. Let’s take a trip down to New Orleans to show you … Continue reading “Liquor Dropping it Low on The Fourth”

Dear Client:  Beer Business Daily and Wine & Spirits Daily sat down with Constellation Brands chief Bill Newlands yesterday for a wide-ranging discussion on the beer and wine businesses. But before I get into that, I wanted to tell you a little about Bill, because as the “other” Bill, (Bill Hackett) has dominated the Barton/Constellation … Continue reading “Bill Newlands Has a Tiger By The Tail: Now What?”

Dear Client:  Reyes Holdings inked a deal this morning to sell Reinhart Foodservice to Virginia-based Performance Food Group for a cool $2 billion. The transaction will reportedly be an “all cash deal,” per Wall Street Journal, and is expected to close by year-end. BBD spoke with Duke Reyes who told us that Reinhart “is a … Continue reading “Reyes Sells Reinhart Foodservice for $2 Billion”

Dear Client:  A few alert readers asked after last week’s seminal Supreme Court decision (see BBD 06-27-2019), “Harry, so it was a blow to the 21st Amendment. Now what?” As we wrote in the piece:  More litigation, naturally.  After all, this is the beverage alcohol industry — what would we do without a constant and … Continue reading “Grokking the Supreme Court Decision: Now What?”

Dear Client:  A-B is announcing it will fully acquire Babe Wines (which started as Swish Beverages in 2016) through its ZX Ventures arm. Recall that the company made a minority stake in the Instagram-steeped canned wine brand early last year.  “Since joining the Anheuser-Busch family, distribution of Babe Wine’s popular Rosé, Pinot Grigio and Red … Continue reading “A-B Fully Acquiring Babe Wine”