Dear Client:  It will be hard for the top seltzer producers to get off the breakneck-speed hamster wheel of innovation.  It’s in the data. Bump Williams of the BWC company kindly shared a very deep, brand-level dive into the world of seltzers, FMBs and RTD cocktails.  We’ll bring you highlights from this data set throughout … Continue reading “All Aboard the Seltzer Churn Train”

Dear Client:  Some craft brewers continue to move up in the world. Sierra Nevada will spend $10 million on media across their brands next year, for example, mostly on digital.  It’s a far cry from, say, the $40 million Constellation said it would spend on Corona Seltzer early this year. But it could be just … Continue reading “Sierra Spending $10 Mill on Media to Help Unleash Hazy”

Dear Client:  As we head into the final stretch of this hellish year, we thought it would be prudent to make the rounds with various distribs around the country to check in on timely issues like out-of-stocks, on-premise recovery, and of course their thoughts on recent supplier meetings. As one might surmise, out-of-stocks are still … Continue reading “Truth Squad Speaketh: O-O-S, On-Premise Return, Supplier Plans for 2021”

Dear Client:  It took a while, but hard seltzer is finally slowing down. In fact, the segment is decelerating quite dramatically in the latest IRI scans to October 4. IRI doesn’t break out hard seltzers as a stand-alone segment in this data, but it’s clear when looking at the full FMB segment, which consists mostly … Continue reading “Seltzers Losing Steam”

Dear Client:  It’s been awhile since we did a craft profile in BBD, and Brooklyn Brewery’s is a particularly timely story.  We caught up with Brooklyn CEO Eric Ottaway to ask about trends this year, as their home market of New York City was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic.  “Our business in … Continue reading “Brooklyn Brewery, Like NYC, Hit Hard With Covid Shutdown”

Dear Client:  After a busy two weeks of virtual meetings, I spent my Sunday evening looking over the NBWA Virtual Conference cadre of videos to watch a few that I missed.  (Ed. Note:  All the presentations and speeches are available on-demand until Halloween if you wanna catch up. There are some very interesting presos posted … Continue reading “The Importance of Gross Profit”

Dear Client:  Despite this difficult year, Diageo Beer Co. USA has managed to gain some solid momentum, growing double digits over the year and rising up the ranks to become the third-fastest growing beer company in the U.S. How do they plan to keep that momentum going heading into 2021? BBD tuned into the company’s … Continue reading “Diageo Beer Co. Doubling Down in 2021”

Dear Client:  Heineken USA chief sales officer Jim Sloan remarked during the company’s virtual distributor meeting yesterday that if he had a nickel for every time someone has asked him about innovation over the past year, he’d be one rich guy. Well, it’s finally time for his payday. Innovation was a big highlight of the … Continue reading “All the Highlights from HUSA’s Virtual Meeting”

Dear Client:  This has truly been the year of strategic partnerships.  And today, we learn that Heineken USA and Hornell Brewing Company, which is owned by non-alc tea behemoth AriZona Beverages, are bringing AriZona SunRise Hard Seltzer to the market in the first quarter of 2021 nationwide through HUSA distributors.  We’re told, on the eve … Continue reading “Heineken USA and AriZona Partner for New Hard Seltzer”

Dear Client:  This week, Boston Beer is hosting annual brand plan meetings —virtually, of course — for its six divisions of wholesalers across the nation. It focuses on major innovations and campaigns for 2021.   You’ve heard about some of their big launches for 2021, like Truly Iced Tea, from BBD. But we have more details … Continue reading “Boston Has a Few More Tricks Up its Sleeve For ’21”

Dear Client:  Are there any beverages that beer distributors can’t peddle better than their counterparts?In recent months, everyone from Anheuser-Busch to Molson Coors have announced exclusive deals for their networks to distribute non-alc or energy beverages, despite beer distributors’ history with brands like Bang, Monster or Bodyarmor leaving without significant compensation to terminated distributors.  Amid … Continue reading “Sports Drink BioSteel to go with Gold Network”

Dear Client:  The news cycle has been like a rabbit’s delivery ward at full tilt the last few weeks. But perhaps you recall that Molson Coors recently announced a 10-year deal to distribute La Colombe RTD coffee in the drug and convenience channels (and eventually, everywhere) through their beer network. The deal will be implemented … Continue reading “What’s This La Colombe/ Molson Coors Deal Really About?”

Dear Client:  Well, the Cubs are outta baseball already, so we were able to snag some time with Bell’s founder Larry Bell this week. (Overdue, that’s on us.)  It was a timely chat: BBD readers will recall that, at the start of this week, Reyes announced the purchase of top 30 distributor, Monarch, in Indiana, … Continue reading “Larry Bell on the Latest”

Dear Client:  With all the recent coverage about which budding megabrands are winning the fight for more share in the seltzer segment, some may wonder: Where is PRESS?  New COO (and longtime Constellation Beer alum) Bruce Jacobson grabbed a Zoom session with BBD last week to share just that.  “If you look at the most … Continue reading “PRESS’s Next Moves”

Dear Client:  “A lot of people are talking about this idea of going back to normal. I personally think we’re experiencing one of the biggest resets of all time” right now, A-B chief Michel Doukeris told NBWA chief Craig Purser on day two of the annual convention.  Basically, Michel believes the crisis hasn’t spawned many … Continue reading “A-B Chief: There is No Going Back to Normal”