Dear Client: Yuengling has announced it will open the Texas market with an all-Molson Coors network. Shocker, right? Actually, read on.  Texas, which is about as large as Yuengling’s eight previous market openings, will clearly be a marquee market for the brewer. The Yuengling Company General Manager Pat Pikunas tells BBD not to expect them … Continue reading “The Real Reason Yuengling Went All MC in Texas”

Dear Client: How’s this year going for Buffalo Wild Wings, we wondered…. as the largest on-premise beer chain and harbinger of on-premise in general?  So far, beverage innovation manager Jason Murphy says, things are “trending above expectations.” “We’ve been able to sustain a lot of the off-premise business that we built over the last year, … Continue reading “Business is Back for the Top Draft Beer Account”

Dear Client: Yesterday we reported that F.X. Matt announced the completion of their $34.7 million brewhouse and tank farm expansion, with plans for another $11 million in brewery investments, and the immediate need to fill 25 positions. They expect to grow 100% this year.  A lot of their growth has been driven by F.X. Matt’s … Continue reading “The Transformation of One of Our Oldest Breweries”

Dear Client: Despite everything that imperiled their supply in the quarter — from the freeze that temporarily shuttered the Fort Worth brewery, to the subsequent cyberattack — Molson Coors’ U.S. Q1 depletions and shipments trends weren’t that far off prior quarter marks.  U.S. depletions dropped 7.3% in the quarter, with domestic shipments down 9.5%, “driven … Continue reading “Molson Coors Q1: Not As Bad As You Might Think”

Dear Client: NBWA chief Craig Purser addressed the “divisive” streak in American politics off the bat in his NBWA Virtual Legislative Conference opening yesterday.  It’s particularly “important we meet with elected officials” this year, he said, because of that divisiveness.  “Now more than ever we have a duty to engage in the democratic process responsibly, … Continue reading “All the Highlights from NBWA Leg Conference”

Dear Client: It’s almost May. That means a few things: Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and, apparently, Mike’s Hard Lemonade Seltzer.  Indeed, CMO John Shea shared some fresh-off-the-press data for their top innovation of 2021.  Mike’s Hard Lemonade Seltzer has reached a 3 share of seltzer in the latest week of IRI data, up from … … Continue reading ““Everything is Hitting Now”: Mike’s Hard Lemonade Seltzer, White Claw VP 3 Snagging Major Share”

Dear Client: As the on-premise comes back, you better believe seltzer will be there in some way, shape or form. That’s what suppliers and retailers are telling us.  Mark Anthony Brands CMO John Shea told BBD that the on-premise is a “huge area of growth” for them.  “As the world opens up, and we see … Continue reading “This is the Year for Seltzer’s Big On-Premise Breakout”

Dear Client: Yesterday, we reported that just two-year-old, spirits-based RTD company, Canteen Spirits, had raised $31 million in financing to accelerate national expansion and “bolster brand recognition,” among other things. Recall that the brand consists of a fast-growing Canteen Vodka Soda, and a recently-launched Cantina Tequila Soda. Both are 99-calorie, spirits-based ready-to-drink beverages, with the … Continue reading “A-B Strikes Master Distributor Agreement, Investment in Fast-Growing Canteen Spirits”

Dear Client: Need more reasons to believe in not only seltzer, but also Boston Beer’s supremacy in it? Chief Dave Burwick had plenty to offer on Boston’s Q1 call last night.  Analysts tried to stump Dave and Boston founder Jim Koch on seltzer’s continued run rate: ‘What about all the new entrants? And deceleration?’ But … Continue reading “Everything’s Still Gravy for Truly in Seltzerland”

Dear Client: Dos Equis’ “interesting” marketing run — which began in 2006 with tall tales about The Most Interesting Man in the World, and evolved into embellished stories between friends in the brand’s most recent campaign, “Keep it Interesante” — is officially ending. That’s right, the brand is finally making a fresh start on its … Continue reading “Dos Equis Delivers “A Dos” of New Marketing”

Dear Client: In early March, Constellation announced it would consolidate its route to market for wine and spirits products through Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits. The bev alc company said it would align about 70% of that end of the portfolio to the giant wholesaler, up from 40%.  Now, Constellation’s big bet on cannabis, Canopy … Continue reading “Constellation Chooses Southern Glazer’s over Beer Wholesalers for U.S. CBD Beverages”

Dear Client: The Package Mix Report for total beer supply (domestic and imports) is in from the Beer Institute and the National Beer Wholesalers Association Department of Industry Affairs – and as you could probably guess… 2020 was a devastating year for draft and an incredible year for cans.   But here’s a question for you: … Continue reading “Cans Made Up Two-Thirds of Beer Package Mix in 2020”

Dear Client: Remember Anheuser-Busch’s “Let’s Grab a Beer” ads from the Super Bowl? You know, the 90-second spot featuring a montage of friends commiserating, cracking A-B brews amid various keystone (or even low-key) occasions: a wedding, a funeral, a boardroom, an airport, a bowling alley, a kitchen after dinner service. It signed off, “Anheuser-Busch: To … Continue reading “A-B’s “North Star” for Summer Marketing: Not Normal, but “Better””

Dear Client: How about a fast-growing beer that isn’t a seltzer, a Mexican import or Mich Ultra?  That’s 95-calorie Blue Moon LightSky, the brand that had a lot of distributors buzzing at Molson Coors’ 2020 spring meeting. Now supply can actually meet demand, brand chiefs tell us. So they’re prepping for a huge summer selling … Continue reading “How LightSky Will Follow its Debut Blockbuster Year”

Dear Client: We caught up with our good buddy John Lane of Winking Lizard Tavern earlier this month, quizzing him on his outlook for the 20-ish unit sports bar concept he operates in Ohio.  The short answer to his outlook? He’s very bullish on the year, despite some logistical challenges. Business is almost back to … Continue reading “This Ohio Sports Bar Chain Chief Is Very Bullish on ’21”