Dear Client: We aren’t always privy to Boston’s annual wholesaler meeting. But we were able to swipe Your Cousin From Boston’s password for the New England division’s virtual affair this week (he was an easy touch).   Boston Beer kicked off the meeting with some stunning stats.  For example: Did you know that Truly has been … Continue reading “Boston’s Big Plans for 2022”

Dear Client: After seeing the Saturday Night Live sketch on seltzer this past weekend, one couldn’t help but wonder what some of the leaders in hard seltzer thought of it. Did they find it funny? Did they find any truth to it? Mike’s president Phil Rosse actually answered both of those questions at their virtual … Continue reading “After the Gold Rush: Mike’s Talks What’s Next for Seltzer”

Dear Client: If you’ve been wondering whether Mark Anthony Brands was going to jump on the canned cocktail train, well, we have your answer. They will.  Mark Anthony president Phil Rosse shared at their distributor meeting yesterday that “we are committed, as your partners, to give you the brands regardless of alcohol base to ensure … Continue reading “Mark Anthony Brands Unveils its First Spirit-based RTD, Rey Azul”

Dear Client: “We’re pretty close to seeing 2019 numbers again.”  That from America’s largest on-premise beer chain buyer, Buffalo Wild Wing’s beverage innovation manager Jason Murphy, whom we spoke with earlier this week on a variety of topics.  But we were particularly interested in how hard seltzers play in an on-premise sports bar environment. For … Continue reading “Grokking Hard Seltzers with Buffalo Wild Wings”

Dear Client: Last week we reported that Molson Coors was planning on assessing a big increase in the amount they charge their wholesalers for freight due to higher fuel and shipping costs.  They will release the final number in December, but as of now, they’re forecasting “the 2022 freight and fuel surcharge to range between … Continue reading “Freight Fright: Distribs Push Back on MC Freight Increases”

Dear Client: “The bottom line is that there is no bottom line.” So concluded your editor last week at the tail-end of moderating a distinguished panel on the subject of the future of beverages derived from CBD and hemp at the NBWA Convention in Las Vegas. THE SITUATION. You’ve got the Farm Bill of 2018 … Continue reading “CBD Beverages in Regulatory Purgatory”

Dear Client: Molson Coors sales chief Kevin Doyle penned a note to distributors yesterday informing them of a “significant increase” they’ll see to the freight and fuel costs that they split with distribs, aka the company’s freight and fuel surcharge. “Significant” indeed. MC will release the final number in December, but as of now, they’re … Continue reading ““Significant Increase” Coming to MC’s Freight and Fuel Surcharge”

Dear Client: Constellation reported results for its fiscal Q2 yesterday (the three months ended August 31) and as usual, the numbers behind its beer business were solid. Net sales for Constellation beer grew 14% in the quarter. The company’s beer shipments also grew double digits (+11.7%) and its beer depletions jumped 7.3%. Modelo Especial recorded … Continue reading “Constellation Posts Strong Quarter Despite Supply and Seltzer Struggles”

Dear Client: NBWA’s second general session featured a beyond beer panel with Diageo Beer chief Nuno Teles, Molson Coors Beyond Beer chief Pete Marino and New Belgium CEO Steve Feccheimer, moderated by Benj Steinman of BMI.  Those chiefs shared some interesting details about their business trajectories, if no shocking revelations. In a nutshell, the beer … Continue reading “NBWA Panel Themes: Premiumization, Efficiency and Differentiation”

Dear Client: Yesterday’s NBWA show opening session had two major themes: One, the “expansiveness” of the beer industry, resulting in ever-more products headed for beer wholesaler trucks. In fact, in homage to that trend, NBWA even announced a small rebrand: They’re officially evolving from “America’s Beer Distributors” to “America’s Beer and Beverage Distributors.” (More on … Continue reading “Industry Fighting in the Comments Section”

Dear Client: It’s been rumored for months (we first heard rumblings in May), and now after many rounds of bidding by other A-B distributors for months and much hammering of complex details, it is done. And the bankers won out.  At the tail end of their annual sales leadership meeting on Friday (where your editors … Continue reading “Redwood Capital to Buy Heidelberg”

Dear Client: Yesterday Yuengling terminated its New York distributor, Boening Brothers Dist. (the sister company to Oak Beverage, which Yuengling had already terminated).   Yuengling has indicated that it would rather have no distributor in the market than be with Boening, although one would assume that Yuengling would end up with Manhattan Beer.  Which is why … Continue reading “Yuengling Terminates New York Distributor Boening”

Dear Client: Yesterday we reported that Sheehan would acquire some of the brands rights from Massachusetts based craft distributor, Night Shift Distributing (NSD), which the Night Shift parent company is dissolving.  Co-founder Rob Burns told BBD that Sheehan Family Companies is buying the brand rights for more than 400,000 case equivalents of Night Shift Brewing … Continue reading “Behind Night Shift’s Decision to Get Out of the Distribution Biz”

Dear Client: The next milestone in Anheuser-Busch InBev’s “global marketing transformation journey”?  A global media agency review.  The brewer announced today that it has issued an RFP for the review. The review will see its incumbent agency Dentsu participating, and ABI expects to announce an outcome of the review in the spring of next year. … Continue reading “ABI Launches Global Media Agency Review to Optimize its Media Muscle”

Dear Client: Yesterday FIFCO USA brass hosted a 90-minute virtual sales meeting on all their upcoming brand plans for ’22. (It’s a far cry from the all-day, showgirl-studded affairs we used to slog through 10 years ago. Those were fun, but they were a lot.) CEO Rich Andrews acknowledged “lots of change of direction” in … Continue reading “Seagram’s Escapes is Now FIFCO USA’s Lead Brand”