Dear Client:  Last week we checked in with new Diageo Beer Co. CMO Jay Sethi, who teased new plans for the on-premise.  He also teased new big campaigns imminent for Guinness.  We’d been prying for more detail behind DBC chief Nuno Teles’ promise  earlier this fall that Guinness, the second-fastest-growing U.S. import, would see a … Continue reading “New TV Spots for Guinness?”

Dear Client:  Diageo Beer Co. is up almost 17% in multi-outlet and convenience YTD In IRI, and even more in recent periods. That’s pretty darn good.  We took the stats as occasion to pull the ear of Jay Sethi, the new CMO for Diageo Beer Co.  JAY’S FOCUS. Jay has only been CMO since August, … Continue reading “Diageo Beer Co. CMO Talks Growth, On-Premise Plays”

Dear Client:  As BBD broke news in September, A-B is launching a Bud Light hard seltzer brand next year. Now the company has officially announced the product will hit in Q1 of 2020.  It’s made with “sparkling water, real cane sugar and natural fruit flavors and comes in four flavor varieties – black cherry, mango, … Continue reading “A-B Officially Announces Bud Light Seltzer Flavors… Plus, More on the New BONV!V”

Dear Client:  This is not a fad.  This is officially a trend.   Eight of the top ten dollar share gainer brands are new innovations.  All of the top dollar share losers are iconic beer brands which have been around for decades. Read that sentence again, and think on it.   If you look at IRI scanner … Continue reading “Top Iconic Beer Brands Dying a Fast Death”

Dear Client: New Belgium is the 12th largest beer supplier in IRI scandata, and the fourth largest (depending on your definition) craft supplier.  But at +15% dollars for the latest four weeks (in multi outlet and convenience to October 6), it has among the very best growth trends for those top 12 suppliers in beer, … Continue reading “Giant Voodoo Ranger Franchise is now New Belgium’s Top Priority”

Dear Client:  We’re creeping towards the end of 2019, and we have to say beer is looking pretty dang good.  Year to date, total beer dollar sales in IRI scans are up 5% versus a year ago, Bump Williams of Bump Williams Consulting noted in his latest monthly letter to clients. Even better – “category … Continue reading “Behind the Fizz: Bump Sizes up Seltzer’s Impact”

Dear Client:  Anyone who watched the World Series knows the iconic moment in Game 5 where a guy double fisting Bud Lights cans took a fly ball to the chest rather than unhand his beers. He got the ball anyway.  Well, A-B wasted no time finding the guy, who we now know is Jeff Adams. … Continue reading “Bud Light Acts Fast on World Series Spots”

Dear Client:  By new Molson Coors CEO Gavin Hattersley’s own proclamation, yesterday’s Molson Coors earnings call focused on the new company-wide revitalization plan we reported on yesterday morning. Short summary: They’re cutting and consolidating to the tune of $150 million so that they can invest, in the longer term, in above premium and beyond beer, … Continue reading “Grokking Gavin’s Revitalization Plan”

Dear Client:  Molson Coors reported its earnings for the third quarter this morning, but before they got into the results – they took the time to announce some big changes ahead.  GAVIN’S NEW REVITALIZATION PLAN. This morning’s earnings represent Gavin Hattersley’s first turn as Molson Coors chief, and he took the pulpit as an opportunity … Continue reading “Molson Coors Revitalization Plans Calls for Major Restructuring and Investment”

Dear Client:  Ben E. Keith, the third-largest independent beer wholesaler in the nation, is making a concerted bet on spirits to add to their statewide craft beer and spirits division. The Dallas-based A-B house announced yesterday the purchase of locally based Artisanal Beverage Distributor’s assets, “adding 20 suppliers to its growing line-up of spirits and … Continue reading “Ben E. Keith Starts Spirits Division, Acquires Boutique Liquor House”

Dear Client:  That’s the buzz on Wall Street and beyond as Monster Beverage has dropped several hints that it may get into the alcohol beverage market with beer distributors, and perhaps even drive new NA innovations through beer distributors as Coke continues to create its own products to compete with Monster. Recall, Monster is largely … Continue reading “Monster Back to Beer Wholesalers?”

Dear Client:  “He hates these cans!” Steve Martin famously shouted in The Jerk.   Well, Heineken USA, historically a bottle-driven company, doesn’t hate cans anymore.  In fact, 2020 will be the year they drive a big push behind their can business, in which they under-index compared to the industry in general and their closest peer Constellation … Continue reading “Heineken USA Betting on Simplicity, Innovation and Cans”

Dear Client:  Anheuser-Busch InBev delivered third quarter results this morning, and as usual BBD was up bright and early to bring you the highlights.  In the U.S., A-B depletions were down 3.5% in the quarter. That’s better than last quarter for the brewer, down 4% in Q2, but still a bit worse than the industry … Continue reading “A-B Depletions Down 3.5% In Q3”

Dear Client:  FIFCO USA had a tough year in beer with Labatt Blue/Light, Magic Hat, Pyramid, Genesee, and Portland Brewing all declining, partially offset by new beers Blue Citra, Ruby Red Kolsch, Cream Ale, Hemptails, and of course their beyond beer Seagrams lines. But FIFCO USA tends to punch above their 1.3 market share (albeit … Continue reading “FIFCO USA: The Biggie Smalls of the Beer Business”

Dear Client:  Back in mid-August, we brought BBD readers news that Four Loko was teasing a super-hard seltzer on its Twitter account. The brand had posted a picture of 14% ABV Four Loko Sour Seltzer “with a hint of blue razz.” The tag? “The hardest seltzer in the universe.”  A couple of days later, Phusion … Continue reading “Four Loko Seltzer is Real. And it’s Here (Almost)”