Distribs Selling at Much Higher Multiples in Franchise States
FILED OCTOBER 20, 2017 In a seminar at the NBWA Conference last week, OMAC Beverage Advisers' John O'Connor and Sean McLaren showed compelling evidence that distributors are not only more profitable, but also selling at much higher multiples in franchise protected states. Read More
Newest Bud Light Spots Play to Super Bowl Rematch, and The Walking Dead
FILED OCTOBER 19, 2017 On the heels of that catchy "Dilly Dilly" spot, A-B is releasing two new TV spots Sunday for Bud Light. They'll continue with the current fun, humorous tone hatched under Andy Goeler's tenure as VP of the brand. Read More
Beer Beats YTD Trends in Latest Nielsen, Though Some Channels Droop
FILED OCTOBER 18, 2017 The latest four weeks to 10/07, beer case volumes were down 0.4%, better than the negative 0.7% YTD trend, per Nielsen all outlet data. Read More
Want to Add Non-Alcs? Read This First
FILED OCTOBER 17, 2017 A seminar on beer wholesalers adding non-beer items, from non-alcs to wine and spirits, and even snacks, suggested that such products can be really profitable. One panelist even suggested that the average EBITA on a case of soda is $1.15 for a soft drink distributor vs. $1.07 for a beer distributor's equivalent. Read More
Harvey beer trends
FILED OCTOBER 16, 2017 NBWA chief economist Lester Jones and Fintech's Jim Kallies presented some interesting insights and indexes at NBWA last week. Read More
Beer in Decline and Amazon Big Issues at NBWA: Our Takes
FILED OCTOBER 13, 2017 After taking time to reflect after the end of the 80th NBWA Convention this week in Vegas, I've got a few observations I'd like to get off my chest on the two main hot-button issues that were discussed, while they're fresh in my mind. Read More
MillerCoors On Sol, Turning Premium Lights Around, and Fighting Mich Ultra
FILED OCTOBER 12, 2017 MillerCoors CMO David Kroll aka DK told the audience at their Fall Distributor Meeting earlier this week that he typically fields the same three questions from distributors when he's in market: Read More
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