STZ’s Bruce Jacobson to Become COO of PRESS; Bill Renspie Now STZ Beer CCO

Dear Client: 

This morning we awoke to news of some key moves at Constellation Beer. Bruce Jacobson, the company’s longtime Chief Commercial Officer, is moving on to become Chief Operating Officer at PRESS seltzer, which you may recall Constellation took a minority stake in earlier this year [see BBD 01-30-2020]. (So we wouldn’t be shocked if that minority stake were to increase in the future.) Bruce’s new appointment is effective May 2. 

Who will take Bruce’s place? His are big shoes to fill. He basically spearheaded key initiatives for the company, like Shopper First Shelf (though that was a company-wide effort backed by extensive data, and the initiative will continue on). 

Bruce’s replacement is Bill Renspie (most recently Chief Sales Officer). Bill will  assume an expanded role under the newly created post of Chief Customer Officer (in the Beer division of course).

“In this expanded role, Bill will continue to drive execution of the Beer Division commercial plans through Beer and Total Beverage Alcohol (TBA) National Accounts Sales functions, while also taking ownership of key strategic and customer relationship management initiatives,” per announcement. “Renspie continues to serve as a valuable member of the Beer Leadership Team, reporting to Paul Hetterich, President of the Beer Division.”

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Harry, Jenn and Jordan

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