Peacock Talks Regulation

You don't often see A-B chief Dave Peacock in a suit anymore. But he did gussy himself up in his Sunday best for his talk on a panel at the NABCA meeting (control state regulators). Beer guys are a rarity at this conference, due to the unique control state situation where they regulate beer, and yet in many cases sell spirits. Sitting on a panel with Bacardi USA chief John Esposito, Dave stressed the role and importance of " effective regulation .. We estimate that there are 1,500 regulations in the beer industry." He said that A-B welcomes regulation as long as it's applied and enforced uniformly. He also stressed the importance of self-regulation, pointing to the Beer Institute's ad code. "Our job is to make your job easier. We hold each other accountable to do the right things. We can never take that for granted."

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