Dear Client: This morning, right before its earnings call, Molson Coors has just told its distributors that it is significantly pruning its portfolio – mostly in the economy segment, involving brands they’ve already deprioritized. The idea is to make the brewery much more efficient, able to improve overall supply, and on trend.  With this move, … Continue reading “Molson Coors Lightens up: Cutting 100 (Mostly Economy) SKUs”

Dear Client: Anheuser-Busch InBev and Molson Coors both delivered second quarter results this morning, and as usual BBD was up with the crickets to bring you the highlights. Starting with A-B, the brewer saw its second quarter results decelerate slightly from the prior quarter in the U.S. but not by a whole lot. A-B continues … Continue reading “A-B and MC Drive Topline in Q2, But no Depletion Growth”

Dear Client: For the first time this year, there’s a segment gaining more dollar share than hard seltzer in NielsenIQ four-week scans. Yep, imports have been hot on hard seltzer’s tail in dollar share gains as of late, even matching the segment’s gains last week, but in this latest batch of data, which stretches to … Continue reading “Imports Gain More Dollar Share than Hard Seltzer in Latest Nielsen”

Dear Client: Welp, there’s good news and bad news.  As expected, July 4 off-premise booze sales did not top trends from 2020, when there was no on-premise to speak of – but they’ve still done significantly better than 2019, led by spirits, seltzer and other RTDs.  And for those lamenting seltzer’s deceleration, note that the … Continue reading “Beer Goes Flat, Seltzer Goes Fizz in July 4 Results”

Dear Client: As is our custom, at about mid-year we take a glance at our predictions — foggy binoculars — made back in January and take a snap-shot of how we did so far. So here goes: PREDICTION: Seltzer will continue to grow in 2021— but it will be tough for lead brands to fully … Continue reading “Mid-Year Predictions Review”

Dear Client: A puzzled Bonnie Herzog kicked off the Q&A session of yesterday’s Boston Beer earnings call. The Goldman Sachs analyst didn’t know where to begin… “I’m truly struggling. And yes, pun intended with how meaningfully your results have deteriorated.” Indeed, after reporting near 50% depletion growth in the first quarter of this year, Boston … Continue reading “Jim and Dave on What the Heck Happened”

Dear Client: Last night, Anheuser-Busch announced an agreement to sell its Hawaii-based distribution operations to non-A-B wholesaler, The Odom Corporation. (It had to be a non-AB wholesaler, because the branch was the only A-B wholesaler in the state.) As you may know, Odom is a multi-state distributor, with operations in Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon and … Continue reading “A-B Selling Hawaii Branch to Odom”

Dear Client: E-commerce isn’t just for consumers – distributors need to “up” their B2B e-comm game, too. That’s the message from the founder of future-forward online wholesaler, LibDib. CEO Cheryl Durzy spoke at our Distributor Productivity Summit earlier this week.  WHAT IS LIBDIB? If you haven’t heard of LibDib, the platform offers any supplier the … Continue reading “The Distributor of the Future?”

Dear Client: “It’s not a matter of if you’re going to get hacked, it’s when.” That was the startling message from cybersecurity expert David Jemmett, who presented at our Distributor Productivity Summit yesterday. The founder and CEO of Cerberus Sentinel shared his knowledge on cyber-attacks, how pervasive it is, and how you can try to … Continue reading “How to Deal with Getting Hacked”

Dear Client: 2021 has been the most innovative year of hard seltzer thus far. We’ve seen loads of lemonade seltzer, heaps of hard tea seltzers, some stronger seltzers, funky seasonal seltzers and even things like seltzer punch coming to market this year. Yet you know what’s ranking as the top innovation (in scandata) in most … Continue reading “White Claw Still Dominating with Simplicity”

Dear Client: There’s still much to answer about yesterday’s story that craft/FMB/RTD juggernaut Boston Beer and liquor giant Beam Suntory would swap capabilities and distributor networks, to produce and distribute a malt-based Sauza RTD (that would go through Boston’s supply and distro chain) and a spirits-based Truly offering (that would go through Beam’s).  In the … Continue reading “Making Sense of Boston Beer and Beam’s Partnership”

Dear Client: Today, top craft brewer and hard seltzer powerhouse, the Boston Beer Co., broke news that they have formed a “long term, strategic partnership” with the third-largest premium liquor company, Beam Suntory, “to extend select iconic brands into some of the fastest-growing beverage alcohol segments.” Which brands? The hottest ones, of course.  “Through this … Continue reading “Boston Strikes Partnership With Beam for Truly Bottled Spirits and Sauza RTDs”

Dear Client: For those of you wondering: What happened to Bang’s Mixx Hard Seltzer? Is that still a thing? It most definitely is. Just ask some marquee distributors, from United Johnson Brothers in Alabama, to Classic in California, to giant Texas distributor, Silver Eagle, and so many more.  Yes, Bang EVP of sales Gene Bukovi … Continue reading “Bang Seltzer Launches Major Offensive in Military Outlets”

Dear Client: We come bearing good news from yesterday’s Fintech industry review webinar. According to their data, which tracks around a third of industry volume in both the on and off-premise, category volume is running well ahead of last year through the halfway point of 2021. Indeed, Fintech-tracked YTD volumes (through week 27 of 2021) … Continue reading “Fintech’s Half-Year Report Card Shows Total Beer Volume Up 9%”

Dear Client: BBD readers know that e-commerce/delivery player Gopuff, which purports to be the “leading platform for instant needs,” extended its reach as a brick-and-mortar retailer when it acquired Kentucky’s Liquor Barn chain in late June. That’s after having acquired California’s marquee liquor store, BevMo, last fall.  Gopuff, with its almost 300 fulfilment centers, certainly … Continue reading “Drizly Chief: Expect Many More E-Commerce Models”