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October saw a rebound in imported beer, up 6.9% and lead by Heineken. But don’t look for it to last. Plus, the year in beer stocks, and an observation.

Here’s how one brand single-handedly created a new sub-category in the beer industry, which could have lasting effects.

The trend: more and more wine and spirits companies are either getting into the beer business or would like to. Nobody has gotten into the wholesale beer business more than Glazer’s. And they are working to add more cases.

Looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel for the protracted Kroger strike in the South. Plus, SKUs increased again in the beer industry in 2003.

Symbol and VIP develop system for large distributor in Midwest.

But there may be hope for the future.

It’s expensive, time-consuming, and it doesn’t make you a dime. Here’s a better way, and your accounts will be happier.

While each beer distributorship is different, one trait remains constant: the tension between departments, particulary sales and warehouse. The secret to minimizing turf wars is communication.

On-premise sampling, off-premise Sunday sales, and more TV advertising cause liquor to gain 0.7 points against beer, according to Discus estimates.

Considered invincible in the c-store channel, Bud’s trends see an early winter hiccup.

The U.S. beer industry celebrates its 70th anniversary following Repeal. A truck and a warehouse is all you needed, and many are still in business today.

Interbrew chooses Simon Thorpe, a global Interbrew executive. Here’s what we know. Also, A-B and the union ratify another 5 year contract.

As the industry goes under the national spotlight amid a high profile lawsuit and court cases, we take a look at how the power is shifting.

We get a contrarian view on Corona’s increase. Plus, a notable quotable from 7-Eleven exec, Diageo raising a bunch of cash, and an early read on Thanksgiving beer sales.