More bottles, more weight, less pack out. Also, we look at Miller/Bud price gap, 21st Amendment, and more on low carb.

If you read just one issue of DPL this year, read this one. We conducted an interview with M&A consultant Lamont Seckman, and he reveals several new insights into acquisitions, SKU management, compensation, three tier, and more.

New Bud packaging jumps off shelves while reformulated Natural Light hits the shelves and A-B Super Bowl ads hit America’s collective consciousness.

Michigan takes the first step toward a Supreme Court hearing on whether interstate direct shipping is the state’s domain? Here’s what happened on Friday, and what could happen down the road.

The fledgling importer, an orphan in the Interbrew fold, is finding its feet as a stand-alone company. Here is what’s going on at Beck’s NA.

Here it is, on paper, on record. This is what I really think, for better or worse. I laid it all on the line at the Iowa beer distributors’ convention in icy Des Moines yesterday morning.

It’s the word that sells more beer than any computer or analysis or category management. But is the R word a dead in the beer industry?

Small brewers are hot again, and the outlook looks rosy. Here’s the outlook for the unsung heroes of the U.S. beer industry.

Got lots of feedback from Nat Light question and last week’s Miller Lite survey. Here’s what you are thinking.

Mich Ultra and Bud Light were the clear share gainers for 2003. Who else gained share, and who didn’t in 2003? Let’s take a peak. Plus, the carb wars are getting more interesting by the day.

Yes, Gov. Pataki is proposing a direct shipping initiative to help raise two million for the ailing state. A drop in the bucket, but it’s something. Plus, beer trends, and an almost happy ending to the Russian beer saga.

It was bound to happen sooner or later, and it did. Wine and beer are going through their growing pains, and it’s not just about direct shipping.

In part II of our interview, David speaks out about the elections, neos, CDL, and spirits.

Easy weather comps notwithstanding, the weather strikes again. However, beer volumes have rebounded.

While 2003 was an active year for direct shipping and legal issues, it looks like 2004 could be a banner year. We spoke with NBWA President David Rehr about the industry challenges ahead.