Instead of dropping thousands on another brick, consider using a consumer-grade Pocket PC or Palm Pilot to save money and provide better fuctionality (and they’re easy to use).

The Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA) and the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) will launch a new pilot to test the NACS version of eXtensible Markup Language called NAXML.

Beer distributors and cola bottlers across the nation are increasingly moving toward thin client computer networks to allow all of their mainframe applications and Windows applications to be accessible by Windows PCs and other devices. Learn what thin client networks are and see if they’re right for you.

What is the thing that beverage salespeople and their managers hate most about their jobs and are therefore the worst about procrastinating about it? I’ll give you a hint: doctors and cops also hate it. Learn how to fight paperwork in this month’s Distributor Productivity Letter.

Beer distributors have experienced many changes over the past ten years. But what has it really meant to financial statements and operating indicators? Let’s take a look.

DPL responds to reader questions.

“In India in about 100 B.C., someone thought of hanging a loop of rawhide from each side of a saddle so that a big toe could be placed in each loop, the first toe stirrup. Considering horses had been ridden for nearly 2,000 years, you’d have thought somebody would’ve thought of it sooner ” So starts this article in the DPL. You’ll have to read on to find out how we segue this into brand building.

Despite the doom and gloom reports on supermarket performance, the reality is that supermarkets are still key to beer sales. What’s the best way to approach supermarket sales.

A new study shows that most consumers move a certain way in a supermarket. Learn what this pattern is, and you’re certain to get that coveted No. 1 spot in the cold box.

Your competitors are nice guys and would never resort to this sort of sordid behavior. BUT, just in case, here are the top ways that your competitors could be cheating you out of thousands.

Consolidation isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Learn what the experts have to say about distributor mergers and acquisitions, and how to live with the “triangle of terror.”

April shipments worse than expected even with Easter timing. Plus, SABMiller’s purchase of a stake in Peroni may just be the prociutto appetizer before the shepperd’s pie. Lots of chatter from Europe about a larger deal in the works.

Give your sales manager a break ..April was a tough month weather-wise after all.Plus, Miller cycling tough malternative numbers, Penn fighting new beer tax, A-B gives a million bucks to a good cause, and more.

The importer of Woodchuck Cider is said to be on the block. Also, we make a quick trip around the world to update you on Q1 results for int’l brewers.

That’s in Canada. Molson exec says get ready for more acquisitions.Also, rumors flying about big time M&A in Europe, and I know, Wal-Mart HQ is in Bentonville, not Fayetteville. We’ll call it Bentonville Beta.