Out-of-stocks are the second worst crime to a supplier (the worst being old product). The problem, of course, is that in order to never have O-O-S, you would have to dramatically increase delivery call ratios or add hot shot routes. That can get very expensive. Here are a few ways to fight back.

And it ain’t just money. Some of the results may surprise you, such as 84% of workers said that performance evaluations were very important to them.

Without adding staff.

It would seem to make sense that you should assign merchandising labor according to account volume. While it makes sense, rarely does this method work in practice.

Rerouting is tough, but it needs to be done every few years.

The supermarket is dead. Wal-Mart opened its 1,000th supercenter last year and Costco has expanded into five more states, need I say more? But wait a minute. Can it be true? Supermarkets, excluding supercenters, experienced a 3.5% increase in dollar sales according to the 55th Annual Consumer Expenditures Study. Industry observers cite the increase of … Continue reading “The Supermarket is Dead, Or is it?”

(Without getting thrown out).

Is pregnancy covered under the Americans With Disabilities Act? And, I’ve heard that the inability to get along with others can be considered a major life activity under the ADA. Is this true? Answers inside.

And more importantly, how do you avoid them. Picking errors can be the most costly mistakes your company can make, and yet they are hard to track and avoid. Here’s what we’ve found out.

How to steal from a wholesaler? Beer shrinkage is tough to stop, but here’s a primer.

Are you productive? Let’s find out.

Expansion the name of the game in Super Centers.Target Corp. plans to open 32 new SuperTargets, which include grocery stores, and four new distribution centers.The expansion plan pales in comparison with larger Wal-Mart’s 2003 goal of 200 to 210 new Supercenters with grocery stores, although relocations or expansions of existing locations will account for the … Continue reading “Super Center Update”

Here are two new products for distributors to consider.

Instead of dropping thousands on another brick, consider using a consumer-grade Pocket PC or Palm Pilot to save money and provide better fuctionality (and they’re easy to use).

The Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA) and the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) will launch a new pilot to test the NACS version of eXtensible Markup Language called NAXML.