Mostly, but one big one remains. Also, once Interbrew takes care of its Femsa problem, they are free to hook up with whomever they like in the US. Who? The answer may surprise.

They are mutually exclusive, but our industry has chosen pricing, and it seems to be working.Plus, the beer industry scores a major PR coup with George Will waxing prolific on why we should roll back the excise tax.

A legend has stepped down. Bill Coors has ended his tenure on the board at the company, although he will stay on as a “technical advisor,” according to a release. Plus, import shipments down 3.2% in March. But that’s not the end of the story. We foresee rebound city into Q2.Plus, more on Peroni.

A-B reveals the secrets to becoming the largest brewer in the world at an analyst conference yesterday. Fascinating facts and data from that meeting. Also, in its first significant move in Western Europe, SABMiller will control the 2nd largest brewer in Italy.

But it’s still piping mad over advertising equivalency. BusinessWeek interviews the two Pauls.Plus, brewer updates and retailer updates.

April IRI scans not as hot as we’d hoped. What happened? We look at a few possibilities in this double issue.Also, we investigate the “Bentonville Beta” and its future effect on beer sales, and we rant a little about CAMY and Cinco de Mealy-Mouth.

US Beverage rolling out new spirit-branded malternative to urban market. Strategy is different from other RTD’s. See how. Also, Heineken takes out BBAG and now Peroni remains as a blushing bride, and Fame Beverage honored.

State Supreme Court’s earlier ruling through out the baby with the bathwater, but now three-tier advocates are sleeping easier as opinion was amended and their Legislature stepped in and corrected the problem.

Beer Business Daily speaks with over 20 distributors about how they did in April and YTD.

The Italian beer is rumored to be in the sights of SABMiller as the latter wouldn’t have regulatory problems.Also, why c-stores are hurting, and don’t forget we lose a sell day in May.

But domestic STRs still up 1.4%, which isn’t bad. Coors took some profit hits in Q1, but those are unlikely to reoccur, says pres. Leo Kiely. Indeed, Coors likely gained some market share in the quarter.More on Coors Q1 results, conf call notes, a surprising report on 2002 on-premise sales, and the beer industry loses a true character: Bernie Little Sr. dies.

The results of Beer Business Daily’s Spring Distributor Survey are in and it may surprise. Distributors speak on pricing, FMBs, imports, and their brewers’ marketing plans.

A-B getting sued over Rhode Island bar fire, and S&N selling off retail estate while buying Bulmer’s.

Bare Knuckle and Anheuser World Select rolling out in test markets. Plus, A-B on state excise taxes, channel performance, pricing, and expanding capacity.

Bud Light and Mich Ultra continue to lead the way as A-B posts another record quarter.It was a tough quarter for volume, however, as the wet cold Easter-deprived quarter robbed even the King of sales-to-retailers.