The thing I most love about the beer industry are the people in it, and the most interesting news is often just what people say and write. Here are a few interesting beer quotes.

As F.X. Matt rolls out Accel, their new low carb beer, BBD contemplates whether this sub-category of light beers will be a flash in the pan or true long-term gold. Plus, S&N gets rid of baggage and takes on a lot of cash.

The Corona price increase, now set back to Jan 1, has the industry fairly evenly divided on whether it is a good decision or not. Read our survey results.

In a speach to employees and descendents of Frederick Miller, Miller president Norman Adami challenges the notion that breweries provide only pull and distributors provide only push.

Gambrinus delaying Corona increase until Jan. 04.

Constellation’s Richard Sands speaks on the Corona price increase, plus evidence that price is elastic, and how our lobbyists quietly earn their pay.

Both importers have reported to distributors that Corona and Corona Light going up a buck or more in November. What it means, and why? Plus, is Miller discounting, what’s in a name, and some good news.

Amid speculation that Foster’s will spin off their beer division, the head of that division says it is unlikely. Plus, Rehr takes on NAS in Wash Times piece, and Oktoberfest in full swing.

The success of Michelob Ultra has been noticed by other brewers. Look for new entrants in a store near you.

After a summer of getting slaughtered, Miller Lite bucks the trend and posts some gains on Labor Day. Plus, better beers continue to gain share, and Snapple restructuring.

Those are the words of Diageo CEO Paul Walsh to the UK Sunday Telegraph yesterday, referring to Diageo’s strategy overseas, (which he indicated may make sense in the US), of marketing and distributing Heineken alongside Diageo’s spirits brands. Read our take. Plus, the wineries are going after beer with a new cheap segment.

Just who are these people turning 21 years old, and how do you sell them your brands of beer?

Imports eked out a positive number for July shipments. Plus, we investigate just how well 7-Eleven private label brand Santiago is doing.

The deal makes Interbrew the single largest brewer in Germany. What it could mean to the U.S. and why Interbrew did it.

HUSA to hit larger heartland markets to attempt to offset weaker northeastern sales. Plus, wine and spirits are cutting into beer sales on-premise, but what about off-premise?