The Red ‘n Whites posted another record quarter, with Mich Ultra still on fire. But the most important figures show that the beer industry is improving in both volume and pricing.

(SOURCE: A-B actual press release)

Hold the presses on that Jan. 1 price increase. Plus, Modelo exports up 8.2%, and the door closes on TTB comment period.

Is GPS right for you? It depends on how closely you want to track your fleet.

The old model is being phased out in favor of a more web-based solutions.

Don’t want to break the bank while getting more from your warehouse staff? Here are a few ideas.

August shipments show an industry still struggling to maintain volume trends.

Not yet, but a few analysts are expressing concern. Plus, an update on union talks and more on Wal-Mart’s expansion plans.

The low down on Norman Adami’s speech, and highlights from the analyst round table.

Lennon is out, Cardella is in.

He addressed the issues which are common to all wholesalers: TTB/malternative reformulation, state excise taxes, Diageo equalization, sluggish industry numbers, and consolidation.

That’s what HUSA president Frans van der Minne said in his speech to a packed NBWA general session. It is a notion that is gaining some credibility.

It’s true: many retailers are largely ignorant of the profit growth they can experience with imports and specialty beers. Here’s the story.

UBS beverage analyst Caroline Levy publishes the results of her exhaustive distributor survey. We highlight a few of the more interesting findings. Plus, a retailer update.

It’s getting hot in the deserts of Arizona, and not just because of the sunshine. The usual suspects have filed suit in that state, charging that AZ’s direct shipping exemption for in-state wineries violates the Commerce Clause. Same issue, different state.