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We take an early look at the “share of stomach” panel, other details, and a surprise award for a legendary beerman.

We’d better hope for a miracle. July and August have been dismal so far, no thanks to Mother Nature. Now we’ve got tough comparisons to face. Let’s get this party rocking.

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Distributors graduate from the Las Vegas School of Fresh. On-premise call ratios, bare knuckle inventory days, and some innovative packaging are part of A-B’s strategy.

That’s legendary brewer Jim Koch speaking. We spoke with Jim about suppliers, low cal premium beer, on-premise marketing, and whether “better beer” growth is sustainable.

Miller and A-B have picked their weapons, and now it is up to them to convince the consumer which weapon will bring them better beer: taste or freshness.

Miller unleashes new ads featuring actual consumers taking the taste challenge.

Now the real work begins. Here’s our take on Pete’s run for the Senate. Plus, TTB may allow ‘a drink is a drink is a drink’ graphic on liquor labels.

It’s about time. Coors will finally build brewing capacity at their Virginia packaging facility. Here are the details.

A financial columnist says probably not, we have another view.

From the bizzaro files, Joe Coors and a partner got sucked into an investment scam, and now they and their broker Merrill Lynch are embroiled in a fight.

It’s not easy being red. The craft brewer is experiencing lower sales, a tougher deal with A-B, quitting auditors, and more. Plus, beer briefs.

In a great psychological win for the hometown brewery of St. Louis, A-B ensures its name will remain on the ball park. Plus, a younger generation at Coors making a mark.

As class actions wind their way through the courts, a former US Rep warns what could go wrong.