Plus, more on Coors – Miller contract showdown, Miller interim results, and more.

Miller’s distributor agreement addendum is putting distributors between a rocky mountain and a hard place. Here’s the latest. Plus, a NYC Corona ritual (not lime) has emerged, and Jim Cramer slights Bud.

Costco, Supreme Court, direct shipping will brewers continue to support if the legal structure fractures?

Molson pulling out all the stops to get the merger vote in the can. Plus, scanner data in the tanks, but apples to apples we’re still doing well.

More tests, more in-and-out packages, more innovation. But there’s one more thing brewers need to add to the mixture to get this beer business going again: a cool ritual.

SABMiller is indeed said to be mulling over an offer for Molson. A-B may be considering a new low carb product, more on pricing discussion, and thanks for exercising the BBD Amex card.

That’s the speculation of a Canadian paper, but we have doubts. Plus, more NBWA Convention highlights.

There’s not enough room in this contract for the two of us. Miller and Coors feud over who gets power over selling brands.

Import shipments are strong and getting stronger, despite price increases.

InBev USA posts some very strong numbers for the first half in the US. Plus, an aluminum bottle update.

A-B van Winkle has opened an eye, and it’s about to rouse itself fully awake. Freshness does indeed have a consumer benefit, according to A-B, and that benefit is the lack of a bad aftertaste.

That must be irritating. Plus, an interesting survey shows that freshness has more appeal than thought, but maybe not as much as taste.

Frances is the latest in a long string of difficulties for brewers trying to sell beer, not give away water.

A flat July, sluggish August, and Labor Day rains could make this a challenging quarter.

That’s what InBev USA chief Simon Thorpe told Beer Business Daily in an interview. How many more resources? Think world’s largest brewer rather than backwater importer.