Earlier this week, Fresno-based A-B house, Donaghy Sales, LLC, announced a deal to acquire the distribution rights and assets of Delta Sierra Beverage of Modesto. Donaghy is about a 7 million case operation; brands include Heineken USA, Firestone Walker, The Boston Beer Company and “other local craft brewers.” Delta did about 7.3 million cases last year as well. Both families are generational businesses.

There’s so much to unpack on A-B’s controversial Super Bowl ads calling out Miller Lite and Coors Light for using corn syrup in their recipe, I don’t even know where to start. But we gotta start somewhere.

At our Beer Industry Summit last week, two dealmakers said that there’s still room for creative craft deals in key geographies. Besides that, the topic of the day was health and wellness trends.

The Beer Wars are back, baby. I haven’t been this excited since they changed my gout medicine five years ago. Even Dos Equis is emerging from the shadows and spitting shade. I love it. A-B got us all crazy, and I like it like that (Pepsi ad reference).

The key to every cocktail bar worth its salt is to have really good barbacks, those unsung heros making sure all the ingredients, ice, mixers, and utensils are there for the mixologists to make their magic.

Get this: Years after marijuana has been made legal in some states, there’s a huge cohort of people that doesn’t consume marijuana, but are open to it. Why not? It doesn’t fit with their lifestyle, or they don’t like how it makes them feel. That’s what Jessica Lukas from BDS Analytics said at our Wine and Spirits Summit earlier this week.

Here on the ground at our 16th annual Beer Summit in San Diego, low sugar and general health and wellness trends were among the most prevalent themes.

Are exit strategies going to get better for craft brewers anytime soon?

You will recall that A-B last month announced that they would

Have you seen those terrifying clips of robots running, jumping and even doing backflips? Makes you wonder how long it will be before those robots make it out of the warehouse and into our daily life. Well, wait no more, robots are here in Michelob Ultra’s upcoming Super Bowl spot.

Anheuser-Busch’s Bon & Viv SpikedSeltzer has quite a week coming up.

Budweiser’s forthcoming Super Bowl spot is one that

It isn’t often we get a universal on-and off-premise read for not only beer, but total bev alc. Well, we have one such measure — and it ain’t pretty for beer.

This will help quantify the Great Haze Craze of 2018: Sierra Nevada’s Hazy Little Thing did about 106,000 barrels in its first year of existence, almost doubling projections. That’s bigger than many of the top 50 craft brewers.

MillerCoors has just announced the successor to CMO Dave Kroll, who left in July.