Dear Client: Looks like A-B’s Drinkworks machine is just about to meet a very direct challenger.  We’re always on the trail.   Recall, Drinkworks is the joint venture between Anheuser-Busch and Dr. Pepper Keurig, that launched in late 2018. Touted as the “ultimate bar back,” Drinkworks launched statewide in Missouri and Florida in May, [see BBD … Continue reading “The Next Big Personal Drinks Machine?”

Dear Client: Every now and then, readers will write in to tell me that they thought a certain issue of Beer Business Daily was so good that they printed it out and keep it handy as a reference. I feel like this is one of those issues.  Tony Magee, the iconic founder of Lagunitas, has … Continue reading “Where in the World is Tony Magee?”

Dear Client: Diageo Beer Co. reported another strong fiscal year last week, with volumes growing 8% and net sales growing over 10% for the 12 months through June.  Their FMB sales grew 18% on continued growth of Smirnoff Spiked Seltzer and Smash, with Guinness up 3% for the year and dollar sales up 7% for … Continue reading “Diageo’s Nuno Teles on Expanding Share in Seltzer and On-Premise”

Dear Client: Lots of questions for Gavin Hattersley on Molson Coors’ earnings call yesterday about his plans as incoming CEO of Molson Coors. Everyone received the same answer. As we reported yesterday, Gavin, the current CEO of MillerCoors will take Mark Hunter’s spot as CEO of Molson Coors after Mark retires on September 27 this … Continue reading “What’s Next for MillerCoors?”

Dear Client: Shortly after Molson Coors reported Q2 earnings this morning (global depletions down 5.6%), they sent out another major announcement: That president and CEO Mark Hunter will retire, effective September 27, with current MillerCoors chief Gavin Hattersley to take his place, effective September 28.  Asked about Gavin’s replacement at the top MillerCoors spot, a … Continue reading “Gavin Hattersley Taking Top Molson Coors Role; Mark Hunter Retiring”

Dear Client: MillerCoors just reported Q2 depletions were down 4.8%, which the company partially attributed to “industry declines.” Shipments excluding contract brewing were down 6.7%, “driven by lower brand volume and quarterly timing of wholesaler inventories as we expect brand volume and STW trends to largely converge on a full year basis.” Meanwhile, it’s costing … Continue reading “MillerCoors Q2 Depletions Down 4.8%, Shipments Down 6.7%”

Dear Client: Coors Light’s new advertising campaign is based on the tagline:  “Made to chill.” The double-entendre is perfect for the MillerCoors brand built on coldness as a product attribute, and also perfect for the occasions depicted in the three ads we saw.  These ads are unique and could be a game-changer for the brand. … Continue reading “Coors Light Taking Bold New Direction in Ads: Chilling at Home”

Dear Client: It ain’t legal (federally), and it’s not really bankable, but there are already 300-plus Cannabis beverages startups in North America.  But in the top four recreational marijuana states, a handful of players (five) account for the majority of cannabis beverage sales, per data presented by  Canopy River president Narbe Alexandrian at the Cannabis … Continue reading “The Biggest Challenge of Cannabis Beverages: Distribution”

Dear Client: As we reported yesterday, Boston Beer reported that second quarter depletions (STRs) and shipments (STWs) matched, at plus 17% for the second quarter.  For the half year, depletions are up 15%.  While that’s an acceleration at retail, shipments for the half year are still up 23%, suggesting still high distributor inventories.  But summer … Continue reading “Boston Beer Investing Heavily Behind Truly”

Dear Client: Anheuser-Busch InBev reported second-quarter earnings early this morning, and as usual, BBD wakes up with the crickets to bring it to you. U.S. RESULTS. In the U.S., A-B’s depletions were down 4% in the quarter. That’s a bit worse than the industry depletion trend for the quarter, which they estimate was down 2.8% … Continue reading “A-B Depletions Drop 4% in Second Quarter, Shipments Down 2.3%”

Dear Client: Call us Seltzer Business Daily these days. Hey, other people do the drinking, we just do the reporting… Anyway, the latest in the seltzer world is news that PRESS Seltzer, the four-year-old brand started by a self-proclaimed Midwestern mom, is now hitting its 32nd market, with the addition of Colorado via New Age … Continue reading “PRESS Seltzer Opening More Markets, Getting Good Press, Gleaning Distrib Praise”

Dear Client: Yesterday, Anheuser-Busch shared with BBD that Jenn Morris has joined A-B as their new VP communications. She replaces Gemma Hart, who left the role in April after about three years for a similar position at Danone North America.  Jenn will have oversight of corporate, brand and craft communications, per A-B. Her resume highlights … Continue reading “A-B Names New VP Communications, Jenn Morris”

Dear Client: Both the quick-serve and fine-dining segments posted a 3.1% gain for the past year compared to an average 3.5% gain for the past five years, according to  But the casual dining restaurant segment — think burgers, wings, and beer —  only had a 1.1% gain compared to an average 2.1% gain for … Continue reading “Are Food Delivery Apps Killing On-Premise Beer Sales?”

Dear Client: Well, that was fast. Yesterday, rumors started to surface that Anheuser-Busch InBev was considering selling off some business units, like its Australia subsidiary to Asahi. Then in the wee hours of the morning, it happened.  ABI has cut a deal to sell its Australian business, Carlton and United, to Asahi for $11.3 billion. … Continue reading “ABI Sells Australia Business Unit to Asahi for $11.3 Billion”

Dear Client: A week ago, Anheuser-Busch InBev announced it would cancel the planned initial public offering (IPO) of its Asian business, leaving many wondering ‘how the heck will they chip away at their $100-billion-plus debt load?’ Not to fear, ABI has reportedly hatched another plan to raise nearly $10 billion, the same amount they had … Continue reading “After Failed IPO Attempt, ABI Turns to Plan B”