Dear Client: Convenience stores are increasingly becoming the beer industry’s workhorse channel, as sales are challenged in other channels. Beer is the only cpg category, (other than tobacco which is down across the board), which saw declines in multioutlet channels but grew in c-stores in the second quarter, according to a report issued by Circana … Continue reading “C-Stores Post Strong Q2”

Dear Client: As the TTB continues to review public comments submitted by bev alc industry members this summer, it wants industry members to heed the current laws already on the books. Recall that the agency is in the thick of a proposed rulemaking process to potentially update trade practice regulations. Specifically, the agency highlighted its … Continue reading “TTB Reiterates Health Claims Rules in Bev Alc Advertising”

Dear Client: As California Family Beer Distributors exec director Kevin Luckey pointed out at the CFBD meeting last fall, brewers like Constellation, Boston Beer, Diageo, Sierra and New Belgium have at different times driven wholesaler consolidation in the state, which has very different dynamics than most others.  Not only is the vast terrain tough to … Continue reading “Six California A-B Wholesalers and Stone Distributing Create Near-Statewide Network”

Dear Client: “Labor prices are going through the roof. Spirits is going through the roof. Beer lines are becoming sub-utilized.” That’s the on-prem state of the union, delivered by industry vet Matt Bruhn, that’s fueling the growth of the company where he’s now CEO: Kegged cocktail company, Craft Standard.  If the term “kegged cocktails” made … Continue reading “Can a $20 Plastic Funnel Disrupt the $9.2 Billion Draft Industry at Retail?”

Dear Client: It appears that the distribution case in Washington state won’t go to trial next spring after all: A stipulation agreement filed late Friday by attorneys for Olympic Eagle, Constellation and Columbia indicates the former has acknowledged a newly issued termination agreement after fighting the original termination notice last fall.  Per the stipulation: “The … Continue reading “Olympic Eagle Stipulates to STZ Termination Notice”

Tilray Doubles Down Dear Client: Back in November of last year, Molson Coors made the decision to exit the CBD beverage business in the U.S. by unwinding their Truss USA joint venture with Hexo, saying, “There remains no near-term pathway to federal legalization, leaving uncertainty in the market.” On Friday, MC cleaned up the loose … Continue reading “Molson Coors Exits Canna Bevs”

Dear Client:  NBWA chief economist Lester Jones delivered a wide-ranging webinar on the current landscape of beer and overall economy yesterday for the organization’s associate members, giving way to some partly positive details, some “mind-boggling” stats, and some ugly reality for the industry. Let’s get the ugly out of the way first, as Lester did … Continue reading “Lester Gives the Good, Bad and Ugly on Current Beer Landscape”

Dear Client:  While it looked like a foregone conclusion coming into 2023 that Constellation would surpass Molson Coors in off-premise dollars this year, obviously circumstances have changed, and MC hasn’t let go of its no. 2 position just yet – and might not. The contest for the title of no. 2 beer supplier (by dollars) … Continue reading “Who Will Be the No. 2 Supplier in Scans At Year’s End?”

Dear Client:  Distribution deals in the beer space have likely never been more complex than they are today. Distributors are not just beer distribs anymore, they’re beverage distributors. They don’t have just one supplier they need approval from anymore, they have multiple. Throw mega distribs in the mix, a tough economic environment, and a massive … Continue reading ““Uncertainty” Slowing Distributor Deal Flow”

Dear Client:  One thing that stood out to us in this latest set of scans from NIQ? Mich Ultra. The brand isn’t back to dollar growth in the latest four weeks to August 5, but it’s not declining either.  Mich Ultra was flat in dollars for the latest four weeks, which is noteworthy considering this … Continue reading “Mich Ultra Beginning to Bounce Back?”

Dear Client:  If you need some good news about the beer industry, Breakthru’s Chief Commercial Officer Kevin Roberts has it.  The nation’s third largest bev alc wholesaler, with operations in 16 states, saw broad-based growth across its operating footprint for July 4 – with beer and FMB trends even leading that of their wine and … Continue reading “Profile: Beer Looking Good for Breakthru as we Enter the Back Half”

Dear Client:  Twisted Tea has seen major, double-digit growth in the last few years, having expanded distribution and pack sizes across many channels and geographies.  As we reported earlier this spring, the brand’s category weighted distribution measure is nearing 90 in food and convenience channel scans – on par with the very largest brands in … Continue reading “Twisted Tea’s Back Half Playbook”

Dear Client:  We caught up with Constellation EVP and Beer chief Jim Sabia this week in Chicago, where we and a few other industry folks peppered the bev alc industry vet with all the hot topics: Whether they’re gaining shelf space, where their brands have the most run room, and more.  Early on we asked: … Continue reading “Sabia on Current Modelo Accelerants”

Dear Client:  $85 million can apparently go a long way in today’s craft landscape. Indeed, that was the reported price for Tilray’s acquisition of eight brands, four production facilities, eight brewpubs and more than 500,000-barrels worth of volume from A-B, per an 8-K filing from Tilray.  It’s interesting that Tilray, originally created as a cannabis … Continue reading “Tilray Chief Talks $85M Deal With A-B “

Dear Client: Molson Coors Beverage Company is expanding its spirits portfolio, today announcing it has reached an agreement to acquire Kentucky-based Blue Run Spirits for an undisclosed sum. While this is not Molson Coors’ first foray into spirits, it is the company’s first spirits company acquisition.  Blue Run Spirits was founded in 2020. The portfolio … Continue reading “Molson Coors Acquires Blue Run Spirits, Establishes Coors Spirits Co.”