Bud Reserve Copper Lager Set to Make its Big TV Debut During Oscars

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When Anheuser-Busch unveiled its brand roster for the Super Bowl to BBD last month, Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager was one of the seven products set to receive some airtime during the big game. But Super Bowl Sunday came and went and the brand was nowhere to be found during the broadcast.

A LATE SCRATCH. While the initial plan was to air a spot for Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager during the Super Bowl, “we decided to change that plan and move Copper Lager away from the Super Bowl to now take the stage at the 91st Academy Awards,” Ricardo Marques, VP of Marketing Core & Value brands at A-B, tells BBD.

NOW DEBUTING DURING THE OSCARS, WHY? The reasoning for the move was really “quite simple,” Ricardo tells BBD. For starters, they realized that they “had a very powerful ad beyond our initial expectations” with the Budweiser Super Bowl Spot, Wind Never Felt Better. “So for that reason we decided to focus solely on that spot for the Super Bowl,” he says.

Secondly, they “saw an opportunity to create the second moment for the [Budweiser] brand this month by bringing Copper Lager and Reserve to the Oscars,” Ricardo says. “So we traded a 30-second spot at Super Bowl for a minute spot at the Oscars.”

SO WHAT’S THE SPOT? The 60-second spot debuting at the Oscars next Sunday (February 24), actually features an Oscar-winning actress, Charlize Theron. The spot, titled “The New Bud in Town,” is set to Run D.M.C.’s “Tricky” and follows Charlize at a dive bar whooping up on good ole boys in pool, darts, and arm wrestling all while holding a tall glass of Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager and never spilling a drop. Watch it in full here.

They’ll continue running this campaign with 15 and 30-second spots after the Oscars, Ricardo says. It’s “proof of our excitement for the Budweiser Reserve series,” he says. In fact, Ricardo tells BBD that they’re “actually dedicating more support to Copper Lager than their initial plan had called for at the start of the year.”

Recall the Budweiser Reserve Series is a full-year franchise with different variants rolling out throughout the year. Ricardo says Copper Lager will transition off early April, and return at the end of the year. The summertime Reserve Series that they’ll roll out in between then is still under wraps for now. Stay tuned…


The government posts a little known monthly index that measures wholesalers’ absolute gross profit dollars.

According to the Alcohol Wholesaling Margin PPI, alcohol distributors’ profitability has been much better since last summer (save a blip in December, which could be shutdown related).

The data shows that, after about a year worth of pressure from July 17 to July 18, wholesaler profitability started growing, until it reached a +5% high mark over year prior in October of 18. It dropped again in December, but it’s back up in January.

We don’t know the exact inputs of this from the graph, but suspect the improvements could have a lot to do with easing transportation/freight costs. Or maybe better pricing. What say you? Ping hs@beernet.com

Alcohol retailers are up, too — although we’re not sure about the actual channel types measured here (grocery, state owned liquor stores, liquor stores, etc.). So count this one as more context.

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