Joe Thompson on Closing the Volume Gap
FILED SEPTEMBER 30, 2014 The industry has a volume problem, says Independent Beverage Group chief Joe Thompson, and it's a "fundamental" problem we need to address. He predicts that total beer industry volume will be down -1% through 2020, driven by declines at Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors and "aggressive pricing." Read More
Analysts Grokk ABI's Changes
FILED SEPTEMBER 29, 2014 As reported last week, ABI has decided to move Luiz Edmond out of their largest division, North America, to a more global role as chief sales officer. Read More
NBWA Focuses on Craft and Three-Tier Issues
FILED SEPTEMBER 29, 2014 Outgoing NBWA chair Greg LaMantia took the stage to talk about "cambio" - change. Mostly, change that we don't need: He threw up that infamous "Free Craft Beer" op-ed on the screen. With all the success in craft, he asked, "why in the world would some say the laws and rules need to be changed? Read More
ABI Announces Key Exec Changes
FILED SEPTEMBER 26, 2014 **Breaking** ABI just announced that Luiz Edmond has been be moved to a global role, becoming ABI's Chief Sales Officer. Read More
Craft Brewer Closings -- Time to Panic?
FILED SEPTEMBER 25, 2014 Boston Globe took a stab at detailing the recent demise of Watch City brewpub, a local staple that had been brewing since '96. They just closed their doors in late July. Sales grew year over year in early days for the brewer in downtown Waltham. In the beginning, Watch City was doing more than $1.5 million in annual sales, per story. Read More
Distributor Profile: JJ Taylor Minnesota
FILED SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 J.J. Taylor, with operations in Florida and Minnesota, is one of the largest beer distributors in the country. We caught up with Minnesota branch president, Mike Bamonti, on big craft gains, shrinking price gaps, Miller Lite draft and their eye for acquisitions. Read More
Deals, Deals, and Deals
FILED SEPTEMBER 23, 2014 Pabst is being sold, Southern Tier sold a stake, Manhattan Beer and Phoenix/Beehive are merging, and we hear at least two other craft brewers are in play. Stay tuned for that. Read More
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