Distributors Speak on Payola, Craft, Hard Sodas, and More
FILED FEBRUARY 9, 2016 One of the highlights of the Beer Summit was a fascinating conversation I had with three multi-market mega-wholesalers, all in the blue-silver network: John Taylor of JJ Taylor of Florida and Minnesota, Bubba Moffett of Crescent Crown in Phoenix and New Orleans, and Chris Steffanci of Columbia Distributing in Washington and Oregon. It's sometimes hard to get distributors on stage, but these guys gamely stepped into the breach and spoke frankly. Read More
A-B Stalls at AdMeter
FILED FEBRUARY 8, 2016 Well this is a change. Everybody loves to look at Ad Age's AdMeter to see who "won" the Super Bowl. Budweiser has dominated the proceedings so far for the past 20 years. Three Bud ads are still standing as legendary: No. 1 Frogs, No. 3 Puppy Love, and No. 5 Replay. The only non-Bud commercial left that's legendary is Coca-Cola's top-seeded classic ‽Hey kid, catch!” Read More
Has Big Beer Marketing Finally Turned a Corner?
FILED FEBRUARY 5, 2016 It's been many moons since we reported that we actually liked the marketing from the big beer marketers in this country. Well….. maybe that's turning. Read More
Analysts Talk Volumes, Pricing
FILED FEBRUARY 4, 2016 We pulled a couple of seasoned stock analysts out of the crowd last week to get their opinion on some big picture issues facing the industry. Caroline Levy of CLSA and Kaumil Gajrawala of Manikay Partners would good enough to step into the breach, as it were, to talk about Read More
Kroger-Southern Plan Could Spread to Other Retailers
FILED FEBRUARY 3, 2016 The controversial Southern - Kroger category management program has hit the mainstream press. (see BBD 11-16-2015) The Wall Street Journal reported on Kroger's proposed scheme. While there weren't many new details, there were a few little nuggets of new information in the article. Read More
Purser on Industry
FILED FEBRUARY 2, 2016 2015 ushered in more change to the beer business in 12 months than your editor has seen in the past 20 years. NBWA chief Craig Purser took the stage at the Beer Summit last week (on an impromptu panel, I literally grabbed him out of the bathroom and put a mic on him) to share his thoughts on the impact those moves will have on the distributor network and the beer industry at large. Read More
Gavin on Turning the Ship
FILED FEBRUARY 1, 2016 Taking the stage last week in New Orleans at our Beer Summit, MillerCoors chief Gavin Hattersley says the transition from global cfo of Molson Coors to CEO "hasn't been as difficult as I thought, quite honest." He was welcomed at MillerCoors "with open arms," and distributors have "given me tons of advice." Read More
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