IRI Reveals "More Boom than Bust" This 4th of July
FILED JULY 22, 2016 Just when you thought we were done breaking down how the beer biz fared during the July 4th holiday period. We're back with even more data, courtesy of Dan Wandel, IRI's principal of bev alc. Read More
MillerCoors Depletions Down 2% in SAB Trading Update
FILED JULY 21, 2016 This morning, SABMiller issued a trading update for the group's first quarter ended June 30. Read More
The DOJ's ABI Concessions: Puss or Boots?
FILED JULY 21, 2016 After twelve hours of grokking the DOJ's approval, with conditions, of ABI's purchase of SABMiller while jettisoning MillerCoors to Molson Coors [see BBD 07-20-2016], and reading your smart responses, here's what I've come up with: Read More
FILED JULY 20, 2016 After a long review and countless industry interviews, the U.S. Department of Justice has approved AB InBev's proposed $108 billion acquisition of SABMiller, creating a behemoth brewer selling around 740 million hectos of beer a year, or about one out of every three beers sold globally. Read More
SABMiller Board To Discuss Higher Bid This Week, Bloomberg Says
FILED JULY 20, 2016 Well, the activist investors are clanging pots. We reported last week that Elliott Management had achieved a small but significant holding in SABMiller -- noteworthy, for their history of advocating for better terms in deals. And it appears they're doing just that following the pound's recent drop and, thus, lesser deal terms for some of SABMiller's investors. We're talking of course in the context of A-B's purchase. Read More
Even More on Mass Hysteria
FILED JULY 19, 2016 Can't get enough of franchise reform in New England? Me neither. Massachusetts brewers' fight for beer franchise law reform has really riled BBD readers. And why not? It represents battles in many states. And franchise law reform is the lone big, fat needle in the rear of brewer-distributor relations (now that everyone's rallying around the same tax bill). Read More
Mass Hysteria in Mass
FILED JULY 18, 2016 For the past week there has been mass hysteria in Mass. As reported in CBD last week, Massachusetts's brewers and distributors could have the rest of the year to work out their differences on the state's franchise law. Read More
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