Why Bud Light "Friends" Could Work
FILED DECEMBER 9, 2016 We got some pushback from our Truth Squadder reception to new Bud Light marketing, as expected. Read More
New Bud Light Marketing Leans on Friends Theme
FILED DECEMBER 8, 2016 When your editor can't don his baseball cap and lurk in the back of an A-B meeting, he does the next best thing: bug his attending readers. Read More
Beer's Good Streak
FILED DECEMBER 7, 2016 Beer volumes continue to gain momentum, up 2.8%, in the latest set of Nielsen data for the four weeks through November 26. That's a slight increase over the prior week, and a big leg up on the current YTD volume trend, up 0.7%. Read More
No Woes in the On-Premise for Imports
FILED DECEMBER 6, 2016 Let's not give up on the on-premise just yet. We know spirits continue to steamroll everybody in the channel: its volumes and dollars are up 1.8% and 3.4%, respectively, in Nielsen CGA's latest on-premise measurement report. Meanwhile, beer continues to underperform over the 52-week period, with volume down 3.1% and dollars down 1.5%. Read More
The Latest on Craft Investment Options
FILED DECEMBER 5, 2016 Many have been publicly wary about private equity's increasing involvement in craft. Lagunitas founder Tony Magee told his distributors last year that there could be hundreds of private equity deals we don't know about [see BBD 09-21-2015]. That could be a problem because, as Boston Beer founder Jim Koch bluntly stated at an industry event back in March, The endgame for traditional private equity funds is "to get a liquidity event." I.E., Flip The Brewer [see CBD 03-31-2016]. Read More
The Big Three-Tier Loophole: 10% of US Draft Production Sold Direct
FILED DECEMBER 2, 2016 Beer industry economists Lester Jones and Bart Watson shared lots of evolving trends at the San Diego Brewbound Session. Some were known, some were new. But perhaps nothing was as dramatic as the rapid shifts the economists depicted in the beer industry's on-premise. Read More
Equity for Punks? Indeed
FILED NOVEMBER 30, 2016 What. The. Actual. Eff? Having failed to even come close to raising the $50 million for their Ohio boondoggle of a brewery (they've raised nearly $3 million, starting in August and ending in February… so I guess there's still time?), the geniuses at the supposedly fringe Scottish craft brewer/pub operator BrewDog have concocted a scheme that beguiles even the financial wizards at Enron. Read More
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