Beer Business Daily spoke yesterday with Barton Beers president Bill Hackett regarding their phenomenal success with Corona. We spoke with Bill on where Corona will end up for the year and how it achieved its success.

It’s getting hot out there, and I don’t mean just the temperature. Plus, beer briefs and odds and ends.

We slank around the Capitol grounds on Friday to find out what’s really going on with the direct shipping decision. Plus, more on the NAS study.

We slank around the Capitol grounds on Friday to find out what’s really going on with the direct shipping decision. Plus, more on the NAS study.

Charlie Stroh falls from a hotel balcony in Texas to his death in strange accident. Also, Wal-Mart update and GE Finance makes acquisition.

Ohio and New Jersey are the latest states to join the Commerce Clause trap. Also, updates on Mich Ultra growth, July beer sales so far, does T&A still sell beer, and Diageo’s upbeat trading statement.

The court cases, the FTC report, the EU, the small wineries, the retailers the three tier system is getting assaulted from all sides. But there is an easy fix that can solve the problem for all concerned.

In a press release just before the July 4 holiday, the FTC issued a report finding that direct shipping of wine over the Internet increases competition and is good for the consumer. Read on.

Does advertising trade magazine Ad Age have it out for Miller? Or has Miller’s marketing been so consistently bad over the last ten years that Ad Age is just calling it like it sees it?  Also, May state shipments are in, and every state over 1 mil bbls was down. The little states carried the day so that overall shipments only down 1.7%.  Plus, Chicago distributor Stawski wins a 21st Amendment victory over Polish brewer Zywiec. What it means to distributor agreements and arbitration.

Cali down 4%, Florida down 9%, Texas down 5% . it wasn’t a pretty May for beer shipments.

Much of the nation’s heaviest beer drinking areas were hit with rain showers and even some flooding over the Independence Day weekend, smashing brewers’ hopes of a strong Q3 start. Also, Philip Morris is defending itself against cig wholesalers for a new pricing scheme. What it could mean to the beer industry.

The three tier system is getting hammered from all sides. What is the wholesaler beer industry doing to lay the groundwork for a strong defense? Beer Business Daily speaks with NBWA’s David Rehr.

Steve Cahillane going to UK, and Interbrew’s new value creation plan is based on “three axes”. Other management changes too.

Steve Cahillane became President of Labatt USA about a year ago after serving as a regional director and VP of Sales. Steve is one of the few suppliers who comes from the distribution side. He also founded a contract brewery in Chicago, so the man has cast a wide net of experience in our industry. Steve took off a few minutes from his busy schedule to sit down with Beer Business Daily.

It was a poor first half of the year, it was a poor second quarter, and it was a poor June in the beer business. What else is there to say, except that imported beer brands are still selling and July is getting off to a good start. And Barton Beers, with its West Coast Corona territory, was immune to East Coast weather and is posting excellent numbers.