While people in the industry often talk about brewing capacity, we sometimes forget that distributors have capacity issues too. Read how Labor Day provides a unique challenge for many distributors.

A federal appeals court today reversed a lower court’s decision which upheld the state of Michigan’s ban on direct shipping of alcoholic beverages to consumers.

A-B rolled out Bacardi Silver Raz this week. Will the slew of new flavors kill the spirit-branded malternative category? Plus, we canvass August numbers and beer briefs.

A-B is said to be moving away from their “True” tagline in favor of more focus on born-on dating and freshness. Is this the kinder, gentler A-B?Plus, SABMiller/Peroni update, a memorable quote from Adami, and more.

You’ve got a popular beer brand that is beloved by many in the marketplace, but it has matured somewhat. Sales have leveled off and may be even declining. The bloom is off the rose. The shine is off the brass. The kilt is off the Scotsman..you get the picture. Who you gonna call? The brewmaster.

Miller is making changes in the field in an attempt to simplify and integrate more seamlessly with distributors. We’ve dug up the specifics. Plus, if you think there won’t be more low carb beers, think again. It could be the new new thing.

Following on the heels of Michelob Ultra’s success, Labatt USA will roll out a new low carbohydrate beer named Rock Green Light, which will hit shelves nationwide starting October 1, 2003

The U.S. beer industry is finally seeing proof that growth is still a possibility this year. Domestic and import shipments are back in positive territory, and IRI scans show strong growth in July.Plus, we have a new feature at beernet.com. Each Friday you can listen to an

Listen to editor Harry Schuhmacher ponder the week’s beer news and add commentary and color.

Amid all the din surrounding Catfight and Twins, a few beer marketers are creating non-beer-like ads and they’re working. Plus, Mich Ultra is almost one year old but is growing up fast.

There’s a new shopper in town, and she’s rich, she goes out more frequently, and she’s not buying beer. The latest in our series on our lacklustre beer year. Plus, S&N is a blushing bride getting her dowry ready for the big day, but who will be the groom? Read on as we beat this analogy to death.

It’s been a terrible year for our industry. In our series this week, we look at why and whether the industry will have better trends for the remainder of the year.

The latest state shipment estimates and trends (in MS Excel).

New York City major Bloomberg may have blundered when he signed a smoking ban that has helped keep NYC bars empty this summer, but it took a blackout Thursday night to get them packed.

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