Janet has caused a new Puritanism, and A-B has responded in kind.

New Morgan Stanley survey seems to indicate that the low carb diets peaked in the first quarter. Here are the implications for beer.

Costco unleashes a new data-sharing system with the help of scan data aggregators IRI. Plus, Wal-Mart opening a store a day is it affecting grocery beer sales? And why are c-store beer sales up?

A poll of 77 distributors indicates that the early indications of Aspen Edge are mixed. Plus, Pete to announce Senate run Tuesday, with the Governor in his corner.

In a letter to employees and distribs, Leo Kiely stresses that Pete remains committed to the brewery as he runs for the Senate. Plus, does Constellation have eyes for Gambrinus, and pricing news.

The following is the text of a letter sent to distributors and employees from Coors president and ceo Leo Kiely regarding Pete Coors Senate run:

The TTB sets interim standards for labelling and advertising low carb claims. Plus, Barton posts another stellar quarter

Pete Coors has agreed to run for the U.S. Senate as a Republican. He faces a primary and a popular Democratic opponent. But what if he wins?

The industry waits nervously as A-B considers promotions in certain markets. Plus, Aspen Edge getting good trial.

What’s coming in cellular and WiFi.

Cutting out double drops

What new federal rules are coming your way?

I am writing to extend an offer to you on the 2003 Beer Industry Review. This informative report will contain over 40 pages of narrative, charts, and graphs giving a statistical snapshot of what happened in the global and US beer industry over this past year, as well as in-depth predictions on what will happen with beer suppliers, retailers, and distributors, in the coming year. It not only covers sales figures, it also goes into detail about the personalities, acquisitions, and the large news stories of the year, with my analysis added. I write this report personally and it is something I take great care and pains to complete. Unlike other analysts’ reports, which can cost thousands, this report is written by somebody who spends his entire life covering the beer business.

Anheuser-Busch is looking at deals in Asia to bring the brewer back to the coveted number 1 brewer in the world. Plus, 0.08 revisited, and Gambrinus makes a deal with an Austrial brewer.

Category management and efficient assortment have become standard terms in the beer business. We spoke with CM Profit Group’s Tom Fox about what retailers really want and need, and how to provide it for them.