September and October shipment estimates are in, and the industry has much to be thankful for. The best news, though, are the sleep-at-the-wheel comps around the corner.

We got a big response to yesterday’s issue, so we decided to dig deeper. Here is an expert legal opinion on the state of the 3-tier system. Plus, an update on Femsa’s beer division.

Is it time to head for the hills? We asked the experts and our readers to sound off on the three-tier threat from Costco.

Miller chief Stormin’ Norman Adami speaks about the nature of Lite’s turnaround, MGD’s woes, pricing, and whether Miller will introduce a new low carb brand.

STRs and shipments down, but SABMiller expects Lite volumes to stabilize.

More on Coors new product rollout, Peroni update, and a keen observation from the bar scene.

The speculation is true: Coors to launch super premium low carb beer, called Aspen Edge, in test markets in March.

Let the games begin. Miller Lite has seen sparks of growth, but where is it coming from? Plus, a very important reader question.

Rebounding in September (with an extra sell day), imports are back in the driver’s seat. Will the momentum continue? Also, a grocery and Costco update.

Import and export shipments by country of origin.

Coors is continuing to work through its logistics problems. Plus, we find out who the 20 most powerful people are in the US beer business. I’ll give you only one guess as to who got the top slot.

Forget cities. County population changes are more relevant to beer companies because counties are often distributor boundaries, they emcompass larger areas, and are often more indicative of a population’s true population and cultural similarities. Here we look at the top 350 counties by population and their change in populations over a ten year period.

Will Miller end up with the same fate as Schlitz, dwindling to insignificance? Industry veterans say a major brewer has never been turned around, but the industry has changed. Miller will succeed because Anheuser-Busch wants them to. Here’s why.

WSJ interviews the vp marketing. Otherwise, it’s just beer briefs today.

At least one analyst thinks so. Plus, we scan the papers for interesting beer-related news today, plus an ironic twist for this beerman.