Ben E. Keith Beers gets the mega-retailer’s first “Distributor of the Year” award. Does this mean Wal-Mart supports three-tier?

Beer trends have hit a rut. Plus, we have ad news for A-B, Miller, and Red Stripe.

Is it just the low carb message, or is this A-B baiting really working? We take an alternate view.

Miller launches the latest salvo in the A-B/Miller ad feud. Plus, Pete gets in hot water, shipments were down in May, and more.

Could it help Coors light southwestern U.S. sales? Plus, Diageo turns up the media heat.

Cousins collide. At the annual stockholders’ meeting Tuesday morning, Molson chairman Eric Molson parries thrusts from stockholders and family members.

The big three year deal between Femsa Cerveza and Heineken USA gives Femsa an out if they are not pleased. But Femsa believes they have the most complimentary brand portfolios in the US.

Femsa cut a deal with Heineken USA to import Femsa brands into the US. Here are the details.

The Penn Liquor Control Board is making inroads on beer. Does it portend things to come nationally?

Turmoil in the boardroom of Canada’s storied brewer. Could Coors be a suitor? Plus, more China deals in the works, and Diageo to produce a TV show.

Maybe pricing has caught up with us. Imports posted another lackluster month, and have peaked in 2000. Are the go-go days of imports over?

We take a look at the strength in beer pricing. Plus, sting news, import news, and more.

The following is the text of a press release from A-B:From Robert C. Lachky, Vice President – Brand Management and Director of Global Creative, Anheuser-Busch Inc.We’re pleased that SABMiller has dropped its claim about being described as the “Queen of Carbs,” including its request for a preliminary injunction. We do not feel that lawsuits and … Continue reading “A-B Press Release”

A-B and Miller continue their visible advertising and media war as both declare victory on Memorial Day and both are glad to get back to selling beer (as if they ever stopped).

The following is the text of a Miller press release:Miller Brewing Co. Announces Strong Memorial Day Weekend Sales GrowthMilwaukee brewer discloses that Anheuser-Busch attack ads are largely dismissed by American beer drinkers Miller will not pursue injunction hearing against final element of A-B’s “Unleash the Dawgs” attack campaignMILWAUKEE (June 14, 2004) – Based on continued … Continue reading “Miller Press Release”