Yes, the gadfly is trying to woo Heineken into helping him bid for Molson. Will it work? Plus, Coors outsmarts the market, Boston Beer posts a strong quarter, and Interbrew makes another China play.

No doubt July 4 was soft for beer, but it was soft for virtually all other products as well. What’s the story here?

They have the Ian Molson issue to overcome, which should be no problem. But there is another small issue that is bubbling up from distributors. Plus, July numbers, and who was that guy taking part in a Bud freshness promo?

That’s the name of the new merged entity. Here are the details. Plus, we interview Leo Kiely and Dan O’Neil, and we peak at Coors Q2 results.

[Press release] $6 Billion Company Will Have Operating Scale and Financial Strength to be Major Player in the Consolidating Global Brewing Industry Molson Coors Brewing Company Will Have Established Leading Brands in Key World Markets, Including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Brazil Combination is Expected to Deliver Substantial Value to Shareholders; Approximately US$175 million in Synergies Identified

Coors and Molson will merge, maybe. Here is what we know now.

It’s getting down to the wire, and Coors and Molson legal eagles are dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Here are the questions it raises, and possible answers.

Lots of commentary and speculation as to the result of the Molson-Coors merger talks. Are Miller or Heineken waiting in the wings?

Are you ready for another un-hyphenated brewer name? It’s confirmed, they are talking. A Molson/Coors merger could happen, but there are just as many reasons why it won’t. Plus, July 4 scans are disappointing and Tsingtao upset with A-B.

Early reports on Monday point to speculation that Coors and Molson are talking about hooking up to better fight A-B, Miller, and Labatt.

In part II of our interview with the GM of mike’s, we cover the field on how the new intro’s are doing.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade has experienced meteoric growth followed by some doldrums. Here is how they are coming back. Plus, imports rebound.

The royal footprint of the King of Beers grows ever larger. Miller and Molson slog on gamely nonetheless.

The royal footprint of the King of Beers grows more global every day. Miller and Molson slog the battle nonetheless.

The royal footprint of the King of Beers grows ever larger. Miller and Molson gamely slog on nonetheless.