12 Ways to Move More Profitable Cases in a Crowded Marketplace

The information contained in this report was compiled from several conversations and visits with beer distributors, CSD bottlers, and from my own personal experience as a former executive with a beer distributorship. Much of the information has been published in previous issues of the Distributor Productivity Letter, our monthly newsletter designed to add a nickel a case to the bottom line of distributorships. There are essentially only two ways in which distributorships increase the profits they make: by increasing sales and/or margins, and by leveraging their people and assets to a higher performance. The two feed off each other.The third way, which is to stop servicing the entire market (i.e. delivering only to profitable accounts) is simply not an option for those distributorships who want to remain in business long-term. It is usually a last-ditch effort to stave off bankruptcy and termination. However, short of pulling back on service, there are several ways to add profits to your organization, and we are going to explore just a few of them here (Note: Subscribers can get this report free. Email [email protected] to get it emailed to you)

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